How to Get Makeup Out of White Towels? Instruction and Steps

Makeup removal is my basic routine. It can be a significant toll on me when using a white towel. White towels look appealing, but makeup stains are a big no for me. I am crazy about removing these makeup stains and returning the white towels. Want to learn how to get makeup out of white towels, then keep reading.

Sadly, makeup gives our faces a fresh look but badly stains the white towels. In this article, I will discuss the techniques that have helped me remove makeup stains from white towels.

How to get makeup out of white towels?

Makeup removal can sometimes be very tiring and exhausting for me. But in a step-by-step process, I get rid of the most challenging makeup stains from the white towels. I have already discussed How to Clean Makeup off Leather in another article on Dupesify.

Tip: I always hand wash the towel to remove the makeup stains before washing it in the machine.

  • I start by blotting the stain with a paper towel if the stain is fresh.

To Remove a Dry Stain 

A dry stain gets stuck in the fibers of the towel. I use a knife to scrape the excess stain from the towel before soaking it in the water. The soaking time of the towel in warm water depends on how old the stain is.

To remove the dry stain, I usually soak the towel in warm water overnight and add a few drops of the cleaner depending on the type of stain in it. I sometimes soak the towel in the water for about 20 to 30 minutes. 

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Tip: The warmer the water, The more efficiently the stain will come off.

Rubbing the Towel

Foundation, mascara, and eyeliner stains come off quickly, but lipstick stains have proven to be the toughest to remove. I rub the towel vigorously between my palms. The heat of the palms and the rubbing cause the color to come off. I sometimes use a brush to rub the towel. 

Tidbit: Rubbing brings the stains to the outer surface of the towel, preventing them from settling down in the deeper layers of the cloth, and in this way, they are easily removed.

  • Afterward, I again soak the towel for 5 to 10 min to soften the stain and allow the cleaner to do its work.
  • I rinse the towel thoroughly with lukewarm water.
  • To ensure that the stain has been appropriately removed, I wash the towel in the machine using a laundry detergent and then air dry it. Air drying retains the softness of the towel. 

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Makeup Stains On White Towels

Makeup contains several ingredients that can badly stain the towel or other fabrics, and Makeup stains can be in the form of:-

Pigments And Dyes 

The bold-colored lipsticks contain pigments that settle on our lips, giving a pop of color to them. The mascaras and eyeliners also contain pigments and dyes. The colored mascaras contain dyes. These pigments and dyes can be hard to remove from the towel.


Oil-based foundations, lipsticks, and mascaras are made of ingredients, including oil. Removing oil stains from the towel requires a lot of effort.

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Lipsticks are formulated with wax. It can be challenging to remove lipstick stains.

Removing makeup out of white towels?

To remove the makeup stains from the towel, I keep this thing in my mind, and I use a particular cleaner suitable for the type of stain. 

Foundation Stain

I use shaving cream, not shaving gel, to remove the foundation stain from the towel. Shaving cream dissolves the contents of the foundation from the towel instantly.

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Mascara or Eyeliner stain

I use liquid dish detergent for removing mascara and eyeliner stains. Dish detergents are specially made to remove grease and oils, and this product is suitable to clear mascara or eyeliner stains.

Lipstick Stain

I use rubbing alcohol and dish detergent to remove the long-lasting lipstick stain from the towels. I use the blotting method to remove the lipstick stain. 

Powder stain

Powder stain is not a tough stain. I use mild laundry detergent to remove the powder stains on the towels. I sometimes use a lint roller to remove the powder from the towels.


By following the steps and tips mentioned above, it has become easy for me to remove makeup stains from the white towels. It makes it easy to keep the towels white when I pat dry my face after removing makeup. I now know how to get makeup stains out of white towels.