How to Wash Makeup Cushion? Methods & Tips to Clean

Everyone who applies makeup will surely know about makeup cushions. It is also known as a sponge or puff. The cushion has pores that absorb the foundation, cream blush, concealer, and powder, which causes the breeding ground for all sorts of germs and bacteria. So, How to Wash Makeup Cushion?

The cushion is a great tool to apply the foundation, base, BB, or CC cream. It is more effective compared to using fingers and brushes and cleaning brushes is pretty trickier than this. So, it is necessary to wash the makeup cushion before it can damage your skin. So, I thought I should make a guide on how to wash Makeup Cushion.

How to Wash Makeup Cushion?

Cleaning the cushion will save money as there will be no need to buy a new cushion. Here, I will share a couple of methods How to clean cushion.

Method 1: Cleaning makeup cushion with an Oil Cleanser

To clean the cushion with an oil cleaner, you need 

  • An Oil Cleanser
  • Small Plastic Zipper Bag
  • A Bowl of Water
  • Gentle Face Wash

When all the supplies are ready, it’s time to clean the cushion. 

  • Put the cushion bag into the plastic bag. 
  • Add a little amount of oil cleanser over the cushion.
  • Add warm water to it. 
  • Seal the plastic bag.
  • Spread the oil cleanser using your fingers.
  • Rub the solution over the cushion. It will help to remove the foundation and other creamy products from it.

When the cleaning is done, it’s time to rinse out the oil cleanser from the cushion. All you have to do

  • Take out the cushion from the plastic bag
  • Dip the cushion in a bowl of water
  • Rinse it using your fingers 
  • This process will wash out all the leftover residues from the cushion.
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After rinsing, the cushion once, cleaning it with face wash is a great way to remove the oil from the cushion and more residues. 

Method 2: Clean the Makeup Cushion with Micellar water

Micellar water is a cleaning product that is mainly used to clean makeup. For cleaning the cushion with micellar water, all you need is

  • A micellar water bottle
  • A bowl of water 
  • A soap that is specifically used for cleaning the cushion

When you get all the objects, 

  • Soak the cushion in micellar water 
  • Take some micellar water in a bowl.
  • Soak the cushion in it.
  • Let it be there for around 10-15 minutes.
  • Rub the soap into the sponge with your fingers.
  • Rinse it under water.

This process will take out all the dirt and residues from the cushion. Afterward, rinse the cushion in water to wash out the residues.

Remember not to dig your nails into the cushion when you rub the sponge with your fingers. It will cause small tears, which, over time, break your cushion. Also, be gentle with it so it does not lose shape. 

How often to clean cushion puff?

You might have used different makeup products with a cushion puff; foundations easily blend in and provide skin with an even natural look. Pat the cushion puff on the face to allow the skin a smoother finish. Just like cleaning makeup brushes and beauty blenders, cushion puffs require cleaning similarly. A cushion puff needs care and maintenance to keep it last longer. 

Note: A cushion puff requires cleaning once a week to remove the dirt transferred from your face to the cushion. 

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Cushion Foundation Sponge Refill

Cushion foundation is a multitasking formula that gives skin flawless coverage and hydration. It is light enough for oily skin, gentle for sensitive skin, and great for treating damaged skin.

It contains Hyaluronic acid that helps in improving skin moisture. This cushion foundation comes in a compact with a non-absorbing puff applicator that offers seamless application every time. 

How to refill?

Follow the below steps in case your cushion foundation needs a refill.

  • Open the lid and pop out all the old refills from the bottom.
  • Clean out the case and cushion. 
  • Pour the new refill formula of the foundation ( you can make it at your home or buy from online and offline stores) into the case.
  • Fill ⅓ of the case.
  • Put the sponge back inside the case. Gently press it so it soaks the new foundation refill inside it.

You can make the refill at home by mixing your favorite foundation with moisturizer. Give it a try before pouring it into the compact. To give a foundation dewy and glowy finish, you can add a liquid highlighter (if you like). 

To Conclude

I hope the above guide will help you with your makeup cushion cleaning process. You can adopt one of the methods of your ease. Further, I described the refilling technique for the cushion foundation that saves you from spending a lot of money if you are out of it.