Why Do My Eyes Water When I Wear Makeup? Tips to Avoid it

Makeup seems like a fantasy to everyone, but it comes with some challenges. Having makeup on and your eyes start to water is a big dilemma for every makeup lover. I was also affected by the same problem why do my eyes water when I wear makeup?  

As a Makeup artist, I also had to deal with this issue of my clients every day. It was a big problem for me, but now I have come up with a solution to this problem. In this article, I discuss why eyes water by putting on makeup. In addition, there will be tips for preventing and curing this problem.

Why do my eyes water when I wear makeup?

Makeup has many ingredients that may or may not harm my eyes. I make vigilant choices in my makeup products. When applying makeup, my carelessness and wrong way of applying makeup caused my eyes to water. I used to layer the makeup around my eye area, which blocked the meibomian gland and made my eyes dry. The tear duct releases water to compensate for the dryness.

Reasons for Watery Eyes

The eyes are a sensitive part of our body. My eyes are prone to allergy, irritation, and itchiness. They become puffy, swell, and start to water. I have formulated some reasons for watery eyes while putting on makeup, per my experience.

  • Frequently rubbing the eyes makes them dry.
  • The allergic ingredient in the makeup products (including parabens, sulfates, etc.).
  • Not removing the makeup from the eyes properly.
  • Using contact or non-contact lenses.
  • Seasonal change.
  • Using dirty makeup brushes and sponges.
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How Do You Make Eyes Stop Watering After Makeup?

My makeup look is incomplete without eye makeup. Watery eyes are a big hurdle in achieving my desired makeup look. Here I come up with ways to stop watery eyes when applying makeup. How to apply makeup in the right way?

  • Every time I wear makeup, I ensure my hands are clean and dry.
  • Before applying makeup, I put eye drops in my eyes.


  • Lubricant acts as a protective barrier that prevents allergens from entering my eyes.
  • It hydrates my eyes.
  • The eye drop cleanses my eyes.
  • I clean my contact lenses and then put them on.


  • I use high-quality lenses.
  • I ensure to clean my lens after every use.
  • I keep in mind that I am using eye products with hydrating properties like aloe vera or Vitamin B5.
  • I have started using a good eye cream that treats my sensitive eyes well. 
  • Avoiding using powder, glitters, and sparkles on my eyes is a big yes for me.
  • I replace my eyeliner and mascara after every 3 to 4 months.  
  • I usually don’t use colored liners or mascaras that have added dyes to them.

Tip: I apply mascara only to the edges of my lashes. I apply eyeliner only to the lash line without extending it to the outer corner of my eyes.

  • I don’t line my waterline with any of the eye products.
  • I have stopped sharing my eye products with anyone, be they liner, mascara, or eye pencils.

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How Do You Treat Eye Infection From Makeup?

Whenever I get an eye infection, I treat it at my home mostly. I use chamomile and peppermint tea bags to treat my sore eyes. I soak the tea bags in warm water in a cup and add a teaspoon of baking soda to it for some time. My Eye-Wash solution is ready. The solution has proven very effective for my eyes.

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Watery Eye was a big hurdle to my complete makeup look. I couldn’t avoid eye makeup for this reason. But, after making some prominent changes to my makeup application routine, I have overcome this problem. Now I flaunt my flawless makeup look with complete confidence.