Can I Wear Eye Makeup to an Eye Exam? A Complete Guide

The average person needs an eye examination annually so the optometrist can examine their eyes and observe eye condition and health. Eye makeup is not a barrier in eye examination until you can take precautions in some products. Most people are confused about whether they can wear eye makeup or not. So, the question arises: Can I wear Eye makeup for an eye Exam?

I had my last appointment with an eye doctor about three months ago. I did eye makeup, including wearing my contact lenses. And believe me, my doctor had no problem when he examined my eye. So, I decided to make a guide for those who are hesitant about wearing makeup when they visit their eye doctor and what type of makeup they can wear during an eye exam. Moreover, I will discuss how to do eye makeup to get a subtle look without making it smeary and a barrier for the eye doctor. 

Can I wear eye makeup to an eye test?

If you don’t go anywhere without makeup, you better follow these instructions before going for an eye test. 

Makeup and Eye Exam | What do you need to know?

Wearing eye makeup is ok unless you can not overdo it. Makeup won’t affect the results of your eye exam, but it most likely gets in the way while they are examining your eyes. Suppose you are wearing waterproof mascara or eyeliner. In that case, your doctor might not be able to tell if the solution has been absorbed into your eyes properly because the makeup is blocking the view.

When I visited my eye doctor last time, I applied mascara and eyeliner but not a waterproof one. So, If the doctor sees any problem while examining my eye, I should at least have an option to wipe it off.

Can you wear Falsies on eye exams?

Makeup gives you confidence in every situation. So, if I talk about an eye exam, you can put on eye makeup, but there are some safety measures you have to keep in your mind. There is nothing wrong with wearing Falsies for an eye exam. False eyelashes create a fun, new look. But, the glue used to put the False eyelashes in place can affect the material your contact lenses are made from. Additionally, the glue sticks the natural eyelashes together, making it a tremendous barrier for the doctor to examine the eye properly.

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Can you wear Eye Pencil (Khol) for an eye exam?

Eye Pencils and Khol are used to make eyes more enhanced. But somehow, it will become difficult for your eye doctor to examine accurately. The eye pencil or kohl gets into your eye and causes some irritation or infection in some cases. So, it is preferred not to use makeup that directly touches the inner eye area to avoid irritation or infection.

Why can’t you wear contacts before an eye exam?

Wearing contact lenses during your eye check-up will cause no hurdles. You must wear your contact lenses to have a comprehensive eye examination. Your doctor might test the strength and performance of your current eyewear against any changes that may have occurred in your prescription. Humans, eyes can change significantly ( it must be possible by age), so do not be surprised if your glasses need replacing. 

You may also be interested in these makeup tips:

Should I not wear my Glasses before an Eye exam?

Glasses are the same as contact lenses. It is up to you what you prefer. Sometimes, optometrists use eye drops that will surely dilate your pupils. In this case, you need glasses instead of contact lenses. 

On the contrary, bring your sunglasses when visiting your eye doctor. Because adding the drops into the eyes will cause side effects like light sensitivity for 6-8 hours. So, remember to keep your sunglasses with you.

Should you squint during an eye exam?

Squinting refers to when your eyes do not align correctly. Squinting might be possible during your eye exam when your doctor tries to examine your eyes comprehensively. I squinted my eyes because they became too tired and needed some relaxation.

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There is an exceptional case where your doctor does not want to prescribe you glasses that are too strong for you. For this, your doctor needs to examine your eyes correctly, and if you constantly squint amidst your examination, your doctor will give you the wrong and strong glasses because the doctor will not do a proper and detailed check-up.

Tip: If you squint while wearing glasses or contact lenses, your prescription is no longer correct.

What should you do if you are nervous about Eye Exam? 

An eye exam is similar to other body checks done by your doctor. There is no need to get nervous and confused about eye exams. If you get nervous, follow these tips to calm your nerves.

  • Deep breathing helps in relieve some stress
  • Prepare your health cards and old prescription (if you already have one session before), which will ease your nerves. As if the doctor asks for them, you must have them.
  • Make yourself prepared for the questions a doctor might ask you the night before your appointment. It will help you to calm down your nerves. 

What not to do before an eye exam?

An eye exam is not as horrible as people make it out to be. There are certain things that you should not do before an eye exam. 

  • Do not Strain your eyes 
  • Do not drink alcohol or coffee
  • Do not forget your insurance documents
  • Do not forget your glasses or contact lenses

What can you do before an eye exam?

There are some following do’s you can do before an eye exam.

  • Do wear your sunglasses
  • Stay hydrated
  • Do talk to your eye doctor about any concerns you have.
  • Do bring your current prescription, glasses, and contacts.
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Is it better to get an eye exam in the morning or afternoon?

Have your eye exam from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm and give the best results. Our eyesight has a better and sharp vision in the daytime, while our vision will be weaker during other hours. Another reason for having an eye exam in the morning; your doctor will do a detailed and keen check-up because people would not prefer to go in the daytime, and the doctor has enough time. So, it is better to have an eye exam in the morning (daytime) for detail and a proper eye check-up. 

How is vision testing done if wearing eyeglasses?

The vision test usually involves reading letters and looking at symbols of different sizes on an eye chart, so you do not require eyeglasses. An eye test usually involves testing each eye separately, followed by testing both eyes together. Your eye doctor provides you with glasses (without fitted glasses) and changes the number of the glass if you do not see the letters correctly. 


Most of us love eye makeup, and you will be happy to know you can wear eye makeup to an eye exam, but go easy on it. Remember that you need to see clearly so the doctor can correctly assess your eyes. Additionally, don’t put on too much mascara that can transfer to your eyes and interfere with your eye examination.