Can you wear makeup after a Spray Tan | Complete Guide

I recently heard about spray tan, and I can not resist getting it. I went to my beautician and got what I wanted. After getting a spray tan, I can not apply makeup afterward. It was tough for me not to put on makeup. As a makeup junkie, I do makeup even if I stay home. I like to put on some concealer and lipstick. The question always comes to mind is: Can you wear makeup after a Spray Tan? 

I googled it and found different reviews on whether I wear makeup after a spray tan or not. Before jumping into one of those reviews, I thought, why should I not personally experience it and make a guide for all of you? In this guide, I will elaborate on how long you should wait to put on makeup.

The moisture in the makeup can ruin your tan or create an uneven effect. But there are certain circumstances where you might apply makeup sooner than the recommended wait time. So what happens if you put on some makeup after a spray tan? Do you have to wait for the tan to dry? In this article, I will elaborate on what you should do and not do after a spray tan. So keep reading it.  

What should you and should not do?

Spray tan or mist has an ingredient called Dehydroacetate (DHA) that interacts with your skin’s chemistry and turns it tan or bronze. The first 24 hours after your spray tan can make or break how it looks. It is essential to know what to do after a spray tan. Here are some tips that I followed when I got my spray tan.

How long after a spray tan can I wear tight clothes?

My cosmetician or dermatologist suggests that I do not wear tight clothes like leggings, socks, jeans, and sneakers. They stick to the skin and cause the tan to rub off or look uneven. After getting a spray tan, the perfect outfit is loose clothes like long and loose shirts with trousers.

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Stay dry

To help the tan to develop, avoid all moisture for at least 4-5 hours. Also, I must avoid any physical activities which cause sweating, like yoga and workouts. I should also not put any lotions, liquid foundation, etc. I have to keep my skin dry as staying dry will help the spray tan solution adhere to my skin. 

No shower

Taking a shower after getting a spray tan will surely melt it down. I, personally, did not take a shower for at least 24 hours. Also, my dermatologist recommends that I use only oil-free cleansers and be gentle. Additionally, I avoid exfoliating products, harsh scrubbing, hot showers, and other chemicals. And I pat myself instead of rubbing the towel.

Why do you put oil-based moisturizer after shower?

After a shower, I moisturize my skin with an oil-based moisturizer. Hydrated skin maintains a tan longer than dry.

Avoid Makeup

I preferably did not apply makeup for at least 6-8 hours when I got a spray tan. Because applying makeup or other moisturizers can alter the color of a fresh spray tan and cause blotches. But, if you want to apply makeup, use powder products like powder foundation, blush, mascara, etc.

These makeup hacks will also save you:

What type of makeup can you and cannot wear after a spray tan?

After getting a spray tan, you should have to avoid oil-based makeup products for at least 6 hours. But it does not mean you have to go outside with a bare face, although it is recommended. Here are some fantastic products that you can wear after a spray tan.

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Powder makeup after spray tan

To enhance your beautiful glow, you can wear powder makeup products such as bronze, blush, and translucent powder. 

Can I wear mascara to a spray tan?

The safest makeup product to apply is mascara because you do not have a spray tan on your eyelashes. For this reason, I use mascara often after spray tan.

Lip products

Lip products such as lip balm, lip gloss, or lipstick are safe to wear after tanning spray.


The foundation has oil in it and has a liquid consistency. But using powder foundation is much better and safer.

Makeup Remover

Your spray tan would be fine if your makeup remover had no oil. But remember that you should not use makeup until 6-8 hours. 

Can you wear makeup before spray tan?

No, do not wear makeup before spray tanning. Makeup will prevent your tan from properly adhering to your skin. Makeup-like foundation and concealer act as a barrier between the spray and your skin, and if you have blended your foundation down your neck, it can leave with an uneven spray tan. Moreover, This could result in a patchy tan.

Can I use micellar water after the spray tan?

Yes, Micellar water can remove unwanted fake tan more effectively than regular water and more gently than scrubbing away. Soak a cotton pad in it and blot away until the color of the fake tan fades.

How to take off makeup after a spray tan?

I splash my face with lukewarm water, ensuring it is not too hot. Then, I apply a cleanser, preferably a gel or a similar type. I gently rub it on my face, so it does not ruin my spray tan.

How to adjust makeup after tanning?

You can use the same products after tanning; the only change occurs in your foundation and concealer. Because after getting a spray tan, your skin color must get darker, and you might use a lighter shade of foundation and concealer. 

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Apply foundation to my skin for the best makeup results to give it a glowy look. Then, I concealed my under eyes and used a color corrector to neutralize my dark patches and pigmentations. I love neutral eyeshadows, so I apply brown to a peachy color on my eyelids. Applying eyeliner and mascara is a must for me. I prefer nude colors for lip shades as they go best with my tanning skin. 

Tip: When adjusting your makeup, ensure you do not overdo it. The main goal is to enhance your features, not to create new ones.

Can you use a darker foundation after a spray tan?

You can apply foundation after 6 hours of doing the skin tan procedure. It also depends on the skin type, as everyone has different shades of skin. In addition to making your skin appear tanner and darker, a darker foundation can be used to bronze your skin if you want to look tanner and darker after getting a spray tan. 

Final thoughts

So, can you wear makeup after a Spray Tan? You can put on makeup after a spray tan, but you must wait at least 6-8 hours to dry it. It allows the spray tan to settle and develop on your skin correctly. But you need to choose the right makeup. Remember that the longer you wait before using the makeup, the better results you get. Moreover, I clearly described what you should do and don’t do right after your spray tan and how you can remove makeup after bronzing your skin.