How to Use Makeup Cloth? Complete Guide

Makeup has become a significant part of our daily life. It makes us feel confident and motivated in ourselves. It is believed that good skin leads to flawless makeup and is imperative to remove the makeup at the end of the day so that our skin breathes freely and looks fresh and glowy. Knowing about good makeup-removing products and how to use makeup cloth is essential.

Makeup and Skincare are essential for me. I take good care of my skin. Keeping the makeup on all day and not removing it can harm my skin. I used different makeup-removing products and opted for makeup-removing wipes, cotton pads, micellar water, makeup-removing balms, and makeup-removing cleansers.

I was not happy using them because all the products gave me breakouts on my skin, resulting in enlarged pores. Moreover, all these products cost me a lot, and there was tremendous waste because they were not reusable. 

I am now using a makeup cloth to remove my makeup. A friend of mine told me about it, and I started using it on her recommendation. Here I am discussing how to use makeup cloth but firstly, let’s talk about what makeup towel is.

What is a Makeup-removing cloth?

I have used it several times and find it soft and plush. It is a fleece material made of 100% polyester. It has dense, fluffy microfibres on it. One side of the cloth has long fibers and a textured surface; the other has short fibers and smooth surfaces. Both sides are used for different purposes. The size of the cloth is excellent. A makeup cloth is sometimes also called a makeup towel.   

Wondering? How to remove alcohol-activated makeup? I find it easy to remove my makeup with a makeup cloth. I use this when I am exhausted or lazy to remove my makeup after a long hectic day at work. With this, I am not worrying about taking out a pile of different makeup-removing products to remove my makeup. I go for it.  

How to use makeup cloth? Steps And Guide

How does MakeUp Eraser towel work? I use this makeup towel religiously to remove my makeup. At the end of the day, when I have to remove makeup:

  1. I grab the towel in my hand and wet it with slightly warm water so that its fibers are activated enough to work wonders on my face.
  2. I use the shorter side of the towel having short microfibers on it. The smooth side of the towel is used to remove makeup. These fibers are made to penetrate minor sections of my face and take off all the makeup. 
  3. With a soft hand, I swipe the towel on my face in circular motions. The makeup comes off easily.
  4. Then, I move towards my eye makeup, and in a similar motion, I remove my eye makeup with it quickly and nicely.
  5. It even removed waterproof mascara and long-lasting matte liquid lipstick – you can use it with the dual-phase makeup remover.
  6. I see that the makeup particles get stuck on the outer edges of the fibers and do not embed deep down in the surface of the cloth, so it becomes easy to remove the cloth afterward. 
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Then, I use the other side of the cloth with long fibers. It is a textured surface for exfoliating and rubbing the face after removing makeup. I gently exfoliate my skin by rubbing the cloth all over my face. It ensures that all the makeup has come off and no makeup residues on my face.  

Does it remove waterproof/long-lasting makeup?

I have tried and tested it. It does remove the waterproof and long-lasting makeup while using different types of makeup removers with it. It removes my waterproof mascara leaving no mascara stains around the areas of my eyes. In the same way, it removes my matte long-lasting liquid lipstick without leaving my lips chapped.

Tip: I use it with warm water. The warmer the water, the more easily makeup comes off.

Makeup Eraser vs. Microfiber cloth

I came to know after using makeup cloth that both the clothes are the same in the material. Both are so soft and gentle on the skin. Both are made from dense fibers. Different brands have given makeup cloth different names. Some of the names of microfiber cloth are:-

  • Makeup Eraser by Sephora
  • Wonder Cloth 
  • Elume makeup remover

Are makeup remover clothes good for your skin?

After using makeup cloth, I believe these clothes are made for every skin type, be they sensitive, dry, oily, or acne-prone. Makeup cloth has no added chemicals. It is used with water. So, it is not at all harmful to the skin. Moreover, it is gentle on the skin. It exfoliates and has brightened up my skin and become a part of my skincare routine.

Tip: It is 100% vegan, cruelty-free, eco-friendly, and non-comedogenic.

Does MakeUp Eraser cause wrinkles?

For my face, I gently rub my face with a makeup cloth, and all the makeup comes off easily, but to remove waterproof mascara and dark eye shades, I rub it somewhat harshly on the eyes. I have found that it can cause wrinkles in the areas around the eyes. 

Does the MakeUp Eraser cause acne?

I have been using makeup cloth for quite a long time now. It suits my skin so well. I have not seen any breakouts or acne on my face since I started using it. When I remove my makeup with it, I thoroughly exfoliate my skin, and it removes all the leftovers. It cleans my pores leaving no chance of acne.

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Is using a makeup remover towel a complete skincare routine?

By far, I have used a makeup towel and it has been a game changer in my skincare, but it is only part of the skincare I rely on. It is the first step to cleaning my face and then continuing with the cleansers, toners, masks, and other skincare essentials. 

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Can you use Makeup Eraser with cleanser?

I use a damped makeup cloth to remove my makeup and then I continue with my regular skin care. I once used a makeup cloth with a cleanser, and it removed my makeup. But what I have found out is that the particles of the cleanser stain the cloth, and it needs careful washing to avoid the chance of bacterial growth. 

Can I use the MakeUp Eraser if I don’t wear makeup?

I have used it several times, even without wearing makeup. It is such a good product that it wipes away all the dirt and excessive oil from my face leaving my skin all clean and clear. 

How to clean microfiber makeup cloth?

A clean microfiber makeup cloth will do wonders. I need to regularly clean my makeup cloth to ensure it will clean my skin and mostly wash the towel daily and clean it in the machine weekly. 

I soak it in the water and then rub it with my fingers. All the dirt and makeup stains come off quickly. I rinse it nicely and then leave it to dry. Once dried, I keep it nicely in my cupboard. You better need to learn about cleaning and washing micro-fiber cloth or makeup cushion.

Does the makeup removal towel really work?

While searching for the magical makeup-removing product on different websites, I came across a few questions that people asked about this product, so I can answer those questions from my point of view, which may prove beneficial to others when buying it.

Can I wash my makeup cloth with my clothes?

I have washed my makeup cloth with daily wear clothes and found no difference in its activity so that it can be either machine washed or hand washed.

What’s the best way to remove long-wear makeup or waterproof makeup?

It is proven that makeup cloth effortlessly removes all the traces of makeup. You have to soak the face cloth with warm water as it aids in the cleansing process and then place it on the long-wear makeup for some seconds to melt away the stubborn material and then remove it in a circular motion.

How can makeup cloth be superior to makeup wipes?

Makeup cloth has tiny threads that produce friction, which helps pull the makeup with less force. Moreover, the small size of the threads penetrates deep into the skin and extracts every bit of makeup. Makeup-erasing wipes need to provide more grip to hold the finer particles of makeup.

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How to take care of the makeup cloth after using it?

It is necessary to take good care of the makeup cloth to avoid bacterial production. If you fail to clean it, bacteria may remain in the cloth, and then on every application, it transfers directly from the cloth to the skin, causing breakouts and acne.

I take outstanding care of my makeup cloth.

  • Right after its use, I soak it in hot water with some laundry detergent and a fiber softener, then leave it for some time. 
  • I rub the cloth with my hands and check for remaining stains. 
  • After confirming that the cloth has no residue, I rinse it with warm water and hang it to dry.

What should I use instead of makeup wipes?

For what reasons must I use makeup cloth?

As I have demonstrated my experience using makeup cloth, I need to compare it with makeup wipes or cotton pads to describe better how I find it more convenient and a lazy method to erase makeup in one go. 

Surface area

The area does matter when mentioning the application of these products. Makeup cloth has tiny fibers on its surface that activate as soon as they come into contact with warm water and effortlessly get a grip on makeup and lift makeup stains from the face.

Makeup wipes have no fibers, so they need some force to detach makeup from the skin.

Less wastage

Once you buy a makeup cloth, it will become your investment for a longer time instead of purchasing other makeup-removing products again and again. 

Chemical free

The best quality makeup cloth I am happy about is its chemical-free nature. It best suits sensitive and acne-prone skin. Washing your makeup with only warm water seems miraculous, but the makeup cloth does its job quite well. It is a cruelty-free product for me.

Makeup wipes and cotton pads work with others. Only with water, some amount of erasing product must be necessary to pull off all the makeup.


I have used the makeup cloth and concluded that it is a 2-in-1 product. One side of the cloth is smooth, and the other is textured; the smoother side provides exfoliation and lets your face dry, just as the towel does. 

While wipes only remove the makeup and do no exfoliation. 


The presence of fibers on the makeup cloth makes it more porous and helps in binding the cloth with the dirt and then makeup leaves the skin beautifully.


Using makeup cloth has changed my skin in a better way. There is no waste of it. In addition, it is not time-consuming anymore to remove the makeup. I love my skin and don’t worry about putting on makeup for too long. I have my savior in the form of makeup cloth.