Can I Wear Makeup After Under Eye Fillers? Precautionary Guide

Covering dark under eyes and eye bags has become no more difficult. There are many treatments to resolve the issue. The dermal filler includes tear trough filler treatment that makes your eyes fresh and voluminous. As a dermatologist, people often ask me, Can I wear Makeup after under Eye fillers?

Tidbits: Under-eye filler treatment is known as tear trough filler. In this treatment, hyaluronic acid is injected into the hollow parts of the lower eyelid that become deformed and saggy. HA filler encourages collagen production and ultimately gives the eyes volume.

In this article, I will give complete guidance on when to apply beauty products, what type of products, and instructions to cure the treatment in no time, or I will describe safety measures while doing makeup.

How long does it take for under-eye filler to settle in?

You should give yourself time for your skin to settle down so that the chances of bruises and swelling are minimized. You should wait 24-48 hours before applying makeup to prepare your skin. The time of healing is different for everyone. Before doing anything on the skin, you should take safety measures to protect the treatment.

How Can I Wear Makeup after under Eye fillers? 

Makeup has become an indispensable part of everyone’s life, and you can even wear makeup for an eye exam. No one goes out without wearing it. Applying makeup after eye fillers demand precautions. Here are some tips on how to wear makeup after under-eye fillers.

Water-resistant eyeliner and mascara

I recommend using simple mascaras and eyeliners. Using waterproof products annoys, and allergens may enter the eyes.

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Pro tip: washing off eye products becomes more accessible using water-resistant eyeliner and mascara.


I vote for applying concealer that contains no parabens and chemicals. Also, avoid wearing layers of concealer around the eye areas, especially with the makeup brushes. These tools can cause bacteria to transfer from brushes to the eyes. Use fingertips to save from a


The powder may contain particles that cause itching to the eyes. After treatment, eyes become swollen and sensitive. I recommend not to dust powder under the eyes after concealing.

Avoid Water Line Makeup

Filling the lash line is not recommended by me after fillers. The water line is the delicate part of the eyes. To avoid infection, try not to wear waterline makeup for about a week.

False lashes

Try not to wear false lashes after the treatment. It makes your eyes heavy, and you eventually rub them with full force.

 Wearing lenses

Lenses enhance the overall look. As a dermatologist, I refrain from wearing lenses for some time after the tear-through filler.

Wearing makeup is easy after under-eye treatment. Applying it and following precautionary instructions make it easy or enjoyable.

What can you not do after under eye fillers?

I advised patients with under-eye fillers to abstain from several things. These are described below:

Reduce screen time

Patients must avoid using screens for a long time after eye treatments. It may cause radiation to pass through their eyes and make them tired.

Direct sunlight

I recommend people not go in direct sunlight with exposed eyes. Heat may break down the formulation of fillers and cause pigmentation around the area, making the treatment less effective.

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Pro tip: wearing sunglasses and sunscreen is highly approachable.


Rapid body movements may result in displacing the fillers. Strenuous body activities like exercise may prevent the fillers from deeply absorbing into the inner layers of the skin. Avoid activities in which their head is lowered below the waist.

Using formulaic under-eye creams

I do not prefer using under-eye creams for at least one week. Certain under-eye creams contain retinoids or acids that may harm the fillers.

All the instructions I have mentioned are necessary for several weeks to treat it.

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How many syringes do you need for under-eye filler?

The number of syringes depends on the depth of hollowness of the eyes. One syringe is enough to rejuvenate the under-eye skin and provide the lost volume.

How painful are under-eye fillers?

Under-eye filler is a painless treatment to provide freshness to darken parts of the eyes. You can follow the Treatment by applying a numbing cream so the discomfort sensation vanishes.

How do you sleep with eye fillers?

Sleeping on the side might cause displacing fillers. It is best to sleep straight for some days on your back with an elevated head to avoid pressure around the treatment area and reduce swelling. It is not much different than lip filler and makeup, so better keep good care

How do you reduce swelling under eyes after fillers?

After consulting the injector, massage the under-eye fillers to reduce swelling gently. Icing is the best application to reduce pain and swelling after treatment. Applying ice or a cold washcloth for 5-10 minutes for several days.

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How long do fillers last under eyes?

Under-Eye fillers are treated by injecting hyaluronic acid gel into the affected area. This treatment lasts for 9-12 months.

Final thought

Under-eye fillers are painless and can be carried out by anyone. Wearing makeup with under-eye fillers is not irritable. In this article, I have highlighted how the products should apply with care. I have also mentioned the recovery tips you can follow to cure the treatment.