How to quickly Dry Makeup Brushes? Methods

In older times, fingertips were considered the best makeup brushes that needed no fast drying. There are many ways to clean and dry makeup brushes in today’s world. It would help if you only focused on the method that gives them a quick dry and not gets confused about whether to air dry or blow dry the makeup tools. Want to know? How to quickly Dry Makeup Brushes?

Last week, I had to attend a party with my friend and realized I had run out of clean brushes. I thought about cleaning them but drying them quickly seemed tricky to me. However, I managed to do that. In this article, I will provide you with a description of How to quickly Dry Makeup Brushes. 

How to quickly dry makeup brushes? 

Here is a quick method that I will prescribe you so you can also speed up drying different types of makeup brushes in an emergency.

Firstly, I cleaned and rinsed the brushes with lukewarm water and squeezed extra water using soft hands. Additionally, I also reshaped the wet bristles before drying them. To get them thoroughly dried, I used different methods for different brushes.

Using towel

I used a regular bath towel to dry my big fluffy brushes such as kabuki, blush, and powder. I placed them flat on a towel near the counter, wrapped them with a leftover towel, and let them lightly press against it for 5-6 seconds. It immediately soaked the remaining water from the brushes.

Moreover, I laid brushes near the counter’s edge, so the air passed through them and dried them by dispersing moisture. Fluffy brushes took more time to soak, and using a towel reduced time.

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Pro tip: a large towel evaporates more water in no time. 

Hanging the brushes

Hanging brushes in an upside-down position dry them quickly as the bristles instantly remove water from their tips.

I dried my eye shadow brushes by using this method and hung brushes with the towel rod by tying them with hair ties. Small bristles dripped water without losing the grip of glue and dried quickly.

Blow dry

I prefer to avoid blowing dry my makeup brushes as it causes the ends of the bristles to split. Another reason for not doing it is that the blow dryer’s heat may melt the glue that holds bristles, resulting in their shedding. So, it is better to know Blow Dry Makeup Brushes.

 As I needed brushes, I turned the blow dryer to its lowest heat and dried them. Safely giving artificial heat dries the brushes making them look fresh and new. 

I have described all the methods that I used in drying makeup brushes. Every brush takes a different time to dry. When there is no emergency in their usage, it is my opinion. Drying brushes overnight is the best and cheap way without causing any harm to their shape.

How long does it take make up brushes to dry?

Usually, it takes 4-5 hours to dry the makeup brushes completely. However, you should check them by touching their bristles in between these hours for conformity.

What things to avoid while drying makeup brushes?

I will also give some instructions to be taken care of while drying the makeup brushes. These instructions not only increase the lifespan of brushes but also cause their performance to remain the same. 

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Add a connecting sentence like: I follow these instructions to avoid fuss.


Make sure to place washed brushes in direct sunlight. It may cause the bristles to become stiff. Moreover, if you use a brush with hard bristles, it damages the skin and causes breakouts.

Upright position

Drying makeup brushes in an upright position is not a good idea. Water may remain inside and weaken the glue that holds the bristles and the wand.

Final thought

Drying the makeup brushes is as imperative as washing them. Wet brushes are of no use. Brushes that need to be adequately dried succeed in giving a smooth and flawless look. I have explained different methods which are effective in drying makeup brushes. In addition, some tips are also mentioned to me to avoid drying brushes.