How Long Do Makeup Brushes Last? Comprehensive Guide

Some items in the makeup vanity have a short span of life. If not getting rid of these products on time may result in damage to the skin. Expired makeup brushes are the tools that unintentionally change the makeup look you want to create. How long do makeup brushes last?

Tidbits: Brushes are tools that help apply makeup to the face. Every brush has its unique shape to perform a specific function. A good rule of thumb is to replace your makeup brushes every 1-3 years.

As a makeup artist, I must ensure that all my makeup products stay within their expiry date. I have to maintain these beauty products from time to time. In this article, I will give a complete guide on how long do makeup brushes last. 

How often should you change your makeup brushes?

 As a makeup artist, I change makeup brushes depending on their usage. Brushes can be subjected to change after 3 months if excessively used.

Otherwise, good quality brushes remain healthy for 3 to 5 years. I change brushes when they show indications I will describe in this section.

  • Deformed brushes
  • Bristle shedding
  • Stiff bristles
  • Weak grip
  • Tinted brushes

Deformed brushes

Without proper care, brushes tend to deform. Whenever I feel that brushes could perform better, I inspect the shape, amount of bristles, and dents on their surface.

Bristles shedding

Falling bristles of brushes are an alarming situation for me to replace them with better ones. Fluffy brushes give a better experience of makeup than bent ones.

Stiff bristles

Bristles may become stiff due to the overuse of makeup. I do not use hardened bristles because it makes my makeup look scratchy.

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Weak Grip

Gripping is another critical feature in checking the longevity of makeup brushes. When you cannot hold the brush correctly, how do you make it work and create the look you want?

Tinted Brushes

I do not use brushes that have makeup residue in them. Even after deep cleaning, it is time to replace it with a better one if it remains tinted.

How long do makeup brushes last?

Using makeup brushes makes them older. Despite their cleaning regularly, they collapse. I possess bundles of brushes, and here I will give tips on increasing the lifespan of brushes.


The life span of brushes depends directly on the quality. The better the quality, the more durable the brushes are. Buying expensive and synthetic brushes saves money from buying low-quality brushes again and again.

 I opt for buying brushes that are gentle on the skin. I ensure that the brushes’ bristles are soft and dense and hold less product. Short bristles do not store makeup; bristles are free from any makeup product.


I prefer washing makeup brushes once a week so that the bacteria cannot accumulate in the brushes. I wash brushes with lukewarm water and lay them flat on a towel to remove the excessive water. And then, you need to know how to dry the brushes quickly.

Pro tip: Wash the makeup brushes with the cleanser on your face to avoid irritation, rather than using ordinary hand or bath soap. 


I try not to share my brushes with others. It is another factor to increase the life of brushes. Sharing makes them weaker, and they are ultimately subject to change.

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Gentle Application

I gently apply makeup with brushes, so their bristles do not need force. Handling brushes with a light hand prevents them from deforming, and they go with you a bit longer. 


Organization and proper storage also help in increasing the life of brushes. After washing, I organize them in a separate brush holder and organize them with other brushes. I keep brushes in their plastic covers to prevent them from dirt. 

Pro tip: storing brushes makes them clean for a longer time and reduces the growth of bacteria.

What can you do with old makeup brushes?

I wait to throw out old brushes; instead, I make them work for cleaning my furniture, painting a canvas, doing nail art, and dusting plants and leaves. I recommend reusing brushes as they are of good quality. Even though they no longer remain suitable for makeup application but still approachable for reuse.

Does a good makeup brush make a difference?

As a makeup artist, I have used many brushes for makeup applications. Good quality brushes save you money. Moreover, the difference from the first application is quite visible. Brushes make the overall look attractive and smooth.

Final verdict

I have provided you with complete guidance on increasing the longevity of brushes. I also mentioned the manifestations regarding brushes so you can replace them with the original ones for effective performance. I also elaborated on the importance and reusability of brushes. This guide will help you.