What is Neutralizer in Makeup? All You Need to Know

As an expert, I always get this question: What is a neutralizer in makeup? A neutralizer, also known as a “color corrector,” is used to correct discoloration and post-acne marks and hide dark circles and pigmentation. This makeup product promises to block unwanted skin discoloration. Moreover, it seamlessly sits under the foundation and avoids creases and fine lines.

I have oily acne-prone skin, which always leaves dark spots and acne marks. I prefer to use a neutralizer after the concealer. It works wonderfully to cover my dark spots and blemishes. It is a holy step to prepare my skin for long dewy makeup. In this guide, I will illustrate how unique neutralizers work. Moreover, I will elaborate on two basic types of neutralizers, the cream ones, and the liquid ones, along with their differences. So, keep reading.

How does a Neutralizer Work?

Neutralizer is a great way to hide any dark spots. It comes in various colors. Every color works differently on every skin type and has its purpose. It is essential to know which color works best for what. Here, I am sharing every color of neutralizers alongside their purposes, So you will get an idea of what color covers what.

Aqua Green Neutralizer 

It corrects red spots and covers or hides sunburn, pimples, and acne scars. It is best for fair and white skin.

Peachy Orange Neutralizer

It corrects dark spots and covers dark under-eye circles, spots, and acne scars. Furthermore, it is best for medium to dark-toned skin.

Peachy Beige Neutralizer

It corrects light grayish, brownish, or bluish discoloration. It is best for lighter-toned skin.

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Deep Golden Neutralizer

It corrects sallowness and hyperpigmentation and is used for dark spots, inflammation, skin injuries, and sunburn. Additionally, it is best for medium to dark-toned skin.

Yellow Neutralizer 

It corrects red spots and covers sunburn, acne scars, and pimples. Besides, it is best for lighter-toned skin.

Lavender Neutralizer

It corrects unwanted yellow undertones and dullness or sallowness. It is best for light to medium-toned skin.

Difference between Cream and Liquid Neutralizer

Neutralizer comes in both liquid and cream form. It helps cover dark circles, blemishes, and skin tone. If you are a newbie and on the hunt, you might be wondering whether to go for a cream or liquid neutralizer.

Here’s a comparison between Cream and Liquid Neutralizer to help determine which is best for your skin type.

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Cream Neutralizer

Cream neutralizers are best for covering up blemishes, acne scars, and other imperfections as they provide medium to full coverage. I have oily skin, so it does not suit me so well. I have to use translucent powder to set it. Additionally, it does not stay longer on my skin.

Liquid Neutralizer

The liquid neutralizers have a very sheer effect when blended. It is the most popular type as they have a water-based formula, making them lightweight and easy to blend. They also come in various finishes, from matte to dewy, making them suitable for all skins. 

I prefer a liquid neutralizer because its liquid consistency blends seamlessly into my skin, leaving a no-makeup effect. 

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What color neutralizes redness on the face?

I had acne-prone skin and was in search of a color corrector which would neutralize my redness. Then, I used a Green color corrector on my friend’s suggestion, and I am amazed at the after-effects as this neutralizer does magic to my skin. 

I take a minimal amount of green color neutralizer onto my redness and blend it by gently tapping into my skin with the help of a brush. I do not blend it entirely as a layer of concealer will cover it. This green color corrector neutralizes my redness, and no one can guess that I had been facing breakouts on my skin. 

How do you neutralize pigmentation?

An increase in melanin causes hyperpigmentation. It is the most common skin condition in Asian countries, but this skin condition is also very common to people who stay outside most of the time. It can happen due to sunburn, hormonal issues, skin injuries, or inflammation.

To hide hyperpigmentation, Peach and Caramel are your way to go. These both neutralize overall pigmentation on your skin.  

Final thoughts

I believe this guide would help you pick the right neutralizer color. I comprehensively wrote which color does what and which is suitable for your skin type. Whether you want to neutralize your redness or pigmentation, I clearly described a comparison between cream and liquid neutralizers so you can choose according to your skin.