How to Remove Magnetic Eyeliner without Makeup Remover?

Magnetic eyeliner works like magic and creates a dramatic look. It is applied the same way as regular liquid eyeliner. Although it is initially tricky for a beginner, it will be a piece of cake with time. This magnetic eyeliner specifically attracts upmarket makeup artists. I have been using magnetic eyeliner for a couple of years, which is worth using. Since I ran out of makeup removers recently, I was concerned about How to remove Magnetic Eyeliner without makeup remover. 

I researched different methods and got you a few reliable methods to get things done. Surprisingly, to my amazement, they are doing their job quite well. I prefer to call these eyeliner removing methods my magnetic eyeliner removing hacks made up of natural products that keep my skin hydrated. As I use all of these hacks over time, they cause no damage to my skin. So, in my experience, I could claim that these hacks would work amazingly on anyone’s skin. 

Since I found these hacks quite helpful, I always want to share them with all newbies who could also face the same circumstances. Additionally, anyone who has an inquisitive nature and wants to know all the hacks would also get the benefit. 

How do you remove magnetic eyeliner without makeup remover?

When it’s time to take off magnetic eyeliner, things can get tricky. Below, I am sharing different ways of removing magnetic eyeliner without makeup remover. Let’s get into it:

 Using baby oil

Using baby oil for removing magnetic eyeliner is pretty simple. I pour 3-4 drops of baby oil on a cotton ball. Rub it onto my eyes gently to dissolve the eyeliner. Afterward, I wash my eyes with simple tap water to remove the excess oil and grease. 

Petroleum jelly or Vaseline

I apply a generous amount of petroleum jelly to my eyelids and delicately rub my eyes with the cotton swab. I just found another effective way to remove magnetic eyeliner.

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Aloe Vera Gel

I take a pea-sized aloe vera gel on my hand tip and smoothly rub it on my eyelid. I wiped it off using a cotton swab. Aloe Vera gel is a natural moisturizer containing vitamins A and C. It took me a minute to dissolve all the product, but this is quite an excellent method to remove magnetic eyeliner when anyone is short on any makeup remover product.

Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are used for removing makeup due to its wet condition. I pulled out one baby wipe and gently rubbed it in a circular motion to dissolve my magnetic eyeliner. And it does its job fair enough.

Micellar Foam Cleanser

It is designed to remove makeup. I apply the micellar foam cleanser on a cotton pad and smoothly wipe across my eyelid to remove the liner. It is the fastest way to remove my magnetic eyeliner due to its cleansing formula.

Tip: Wash the face in case the cleanser gets into your eyes. 

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Olive Oil

Olive oil has been used for decades for moisturizing and cleansing. Additionally, it is used to cure any skin damage. It works wonderfully to take off all types of makeup, including magnetic eyeliner. I pour a few drops of olive oil into my hand and gently rub it on my lid. Then, I use a cotton swab to wipe it off. It not only removes the eyeliner so fast but also leaves its aromatic smell and deep moisture on my skin. I love to apply olive oil to my face. It is my go-to skincare product any time, anywhere.

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Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is another oil that is used for removing makeup. It soothes and moisturizes skin, leaving it a softer and baby skin effect. I drip a few drops onto my fingers and rub them on my magnetic eyeliner. I wipe the excess oil with a cotton swab or clean cloth. 

Almond oil

Almond oil is not as standard as coconut and olive oil but is just as effective in removing makeup. As it does not have thick and greasy consistency, it glides on the skin smoothly without leaving any oil residues. I pour a few drops of the almond oil onto my fingers and gently apply it. I use a cotton swab to take the liner off. Due to the lightweight effect of almond oil, the eyeliner melted down so well without leaving any residue.

Witch Hazel

Witch hazel has a thin and watery consistency. It can remove oil-based and water-based makeup in a few swaps. I pour some drops onto the cotton pad and gently swipe over my eyeliner. 

Calamine Lotion

Calamine lotion is a medicine used to treat acne and calm irritated skin. I take calamine lotion onto my fingers and rub it smoothly on my lids. Once I had done rubbing, I used a cotton swab/pad to remove the magnetic eyeliner. It is such a great way to remove stubborn eyeliner.

What to do if you get magnetic eyeliner in your eye

Every eye makeup product is made of chemicals that are not harmful or create any severe injury in your eye. 

Magnetic eyeliner is safe for your eyes. But just in case, if eyeliner ever gets into your eye, first thing first, do not panic. You need to splash water into your eye until the irritation disappears and you feel better. Also, see a doctor if the irritation is prolonged or if you see any redness in your eye. Furthermore, you can take an ice cube and gently place it onto your eyelid, which calms down any irritation. 

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How long can you wear magnetic eyeliner?

You can wear it as long as you can take care of it. This eyeliner works like any other regular eyeliner. The magnetic eyeliner claims it can hold up to 10 hours (or an entire day). 

How to remove magnetic eyeliner from clothes

Once, I spilled magnetic eyeliner on my clothes. I was worried about how to get magnetic eyeliner off my clothes. An idea just hit my mind, and I quickly tried it. Here, I illustrate the method I used to remove eyeliner from my clothes. 

I add laundry detergent and warm water directly to the eyeliner. Then, I use a toothbrush to scrub the eyeliner stain, working in only one direction (Avoid scrubbing back and forth, which can damage the fabric and set in the eyeliner stain). After this, I rinse the area with cool water.


In the above guide/article, I thoroughly elaborate on what you used instead of makeup removal (when you run out of it) to take off magnetic eyeliner. All the ways mentioned above are suitable for everyone as they do not contain any skin allergy, rashness, or irritation. Moreover, I have elaborated on the treatment you can do when the eyeliner gets into your eye. Besides, I have shared a quick remedy if you spill your magnetic eyeliner onto your clothes.