How Long After Lip Fillers Can I Wear Makeup? Do’s and Dont’s

Lip filler is a non-surgical treatment you can get on your lips to make your lips more beautiful and plump. Earlier, mainly aging people whose lips were becoming saggy or deflated, but now it is common for young people to get Lip Filler treatment to improve the lip’s volume and shape. As a dermatologist, people often ask me How Long After Lip Fillers Can I wear Makeup? 

You might face tough times if you do not go outside without wearing makeup. I always recommend my clients not to wear it right after Lip filler treatment because their lips become tender, and applying pressure may cause bleeding and bruising.

Can I wear makeup when getting Fillers?

The answer depends on the type of filler and the location of the filler. You must read this guide to know all the basics if you are a newbie to lip filler treatment.

In some lip filler treatments, you can wear lip gloss or chapstick to hydrate your lips, so they do not bleed and cause bruises. But sometimes, you must wait until the next day before applying makeup. 

If a cannula treatment is done, your skin gets only one puncture distant from the filling area. And if the needle technique is used, your skin gets multiple punctures, and applying makeup after this treatment might cause skin infection. So, I prefer to wait until 12 hours before applying makeup.

Typically, patients apply makeup the next day after lip filler which is good because 12 – 24 hours are enough to settle the lip filler process.

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Tidbit: Lip filler is a treatment to enhance the natural look of your lips. This treatment adds volume and gives the perfect shape to the lips you have always wanted.

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How long after Lip fillers Can I Smoke?

Smoking does not affect the lip filler treatment. However, smoking dries out the skin, which causes bleeding and bruises on the skin. Smoking also plays a vital role in premature skin aging, so I recommend that everyone refrain from smoking after getting the treatment.

Does drinking Alcohol affect Lip filler?

Alcohol does not harm the lip skin after getting the lip filler treatment. In the past, doctors recommended not drinking alcohol after getting treatment because alcohol is thought to enlarge the blood vessels and cause bruising, resulting in infection. If this happens in your case, avoid drinking alcohol for at least 1-2 days after the lip filler or take advice from your doctor. 

How to apply Lipstick after lip fillers?

Lip fillers make your lip skin slightly tender and soft, so it is best if you do not apply anything to the lips. But in case you have an emergency or attend a party, you can use lip balm or lip gloss (both easily glides on the lips without making lip skin dry and swell) on your lips. 

Tip: Ensure that you do not apply too much pressure (it causes swelling) while applying lipstick.

Do Lip fillers hurt?

Lip filler treatment is a pain-free, non-surgical treatment without any cuts or stitches on the lips. Some people feel slight pain or discomfort after getting the treatment, but it is not the same in every case. Most feel tingling when the needle is injected into the lip skin. Usually, local anesthesia is applied to minimize the patient’s discomfort and pain.

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How long After Fillers Can I Sleep on my Side?

It is best to sleep straight, on your back, for 12 – 48 hours after the lip filler treatment. Sleeping on the side might cause the filler to shift, resulting in crooked lips.

How to Improve Recovery Time after Lip Filler?

In my list below, I provided you with a complete guide on how you can accelerate the healing process with a few simple things.

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Drink More And More Water

Water provides your skin hydration which helps the lip skin not get dry and causes swelling and bruising. The more you drink water, the faster your filler heals.

Eat With Care

If your doctor uses anesthetic cream, your lips are numb, lasting several hours. You do not feel much of what happens around your lips, which is terrifying. Eating hot will burn your lips (you might not feel it) and result in swelling, or you may accidentally bite your lip which causes bleeding and bruising. 

Icing on Lips

We all know this technique; applying ice to the swollen area works. Take the ice pad or ice cube (wrap it in a towel) and put it on the lips to minimize the swollen lips. 

Warning: your lips get pretty sensitive after the lip filler treatment, so do not apply ice directly on your lips which results in freezing them.

Head Elevated

Put an extra pillow under your head to stop the pooling of the blood your lip causes. Adding an extra pillow elevates your head and keeps blood from coming from the skin.

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Lip filler is a common and popular treatment that makes lips look plump and lovely. Yes, you can wear makeup after the lip filler procedure after 12-48 hours. Moreover, if you can not wait this long, apply lipgloss or lip balm over your lips to make them shiny and glowy. In addition, I elaborated on some lip recovery tips that you can adopt to reduce the swelling and stop the blood the lip causes.