How to Cover the Lace Front with Makeup? Steps & Tips

A quality lace front wig restores self-esteem and confidence and helps to make me feel and look like the best version of me, even though numerous custom designs and fibers can raise the quality and standard in the market. How to cover the lace front with makeup?

Many women today consider the lace front wig to be better than the regular ones, especially when they suffer from hair loss. I regularly saw these wigs in television shows and movies, underlying their popularity.

I am a wig wearer and better at covering up my lace front wigs with makeup than others. My goal is to get my wig and makeup to blend to look as natural and authentic as possible. When I see celebrities with lace front wigs, I know their makeup and wigs are on point. Of course, I may not have the money to have my makeup artist or someone that does my hair for me. However, it does not mean I can’t achieve a similar look.

This article will be a step-by-step guide on how to blend a lace front wig with makeup. It is great for those transitioning from wearing natural hair and want the option of switching back at any time without going through the process of growing out hair. So you must have to know the ins and outs as it pertains to makeup and a lace front.

Style of Wig – Important Factor to Consider 

Not all lace front wigs are the same, so I need to choose the right lace front wig and a style that works best for me. Choosing the style is the first step to achieving my desired look. I also need the correct measurements of my head and wig. 

From there, I will need to bleach some of the knots on the lace front wig I purchased. I should also try and pluck some of the hairs on my wig’s hairline. The key here is to pluck out the ones that don’t look so natural. It will be easier for me to do if I use a tweezer.

Next, I will select the braid pattern best for my hair. I also make sure that my parts are done in the right direction. After that, I will need to cut the lace after I wear the wig. There should be a noticeably large piece of lace on the hairline of the week. All I have to do is cut it to fit the shape of my face.

Note: If you’re not comfortable doing this yourself, you can always seek help from a professional who can help you adequately cut and style your lace front wig.

Now it’s time to style the hair. I spray my hair with dry shampoo to make it look as natural as possible. I must remember that synthetic wigs don’t always look natural. So, this is why I should apply some dry shampoo so that it can look natural. It’s just a summary. The details are as follows:

How you cover your lace front with makeup?

There’s even better news; I don’t need unique makeup – the one I already have on can serve (if I am the type that typically wears makeup). For specifics, all I need is a concealer and a powder foundation.

Things that you will need:

  • Concealer: Whatever you generally use. I prefer something with a pan of concealer as they usually last longer.
  • Concealer brush: I use a stiff and pointy rather than fluffy brush.
  • Setting/foundation powder: I use a pressed setting powder that is best for this.
  • Powder brush: I also need a powder brush for setting the foundation.
  • Hairspray: whatever I have around, this can be any hold.

Pro Tip: If you are wearing a lace front wig, you must carefully blend your makeup with the hairline. It will help create a natural look and minimize the appearance of any apparent seams.

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Figure out where you want your part. I usually enjoy side parts, but I thought I would try something different with a middle part. Make sure you flatten all the stray hairs using different brushes.

To begin, I use a concealer one shade lighter than my skin tone and apply it to the entire hairline. I apply a small concealer to my brush, dab it down the part, then blend it into the lace. After that, I reapply until the entire part has a concealer. 

STEP 2: 

I turned the wig inside out to expose the inside lace. I use a powder with a light finish and apply it to the hairline using a blush or contouring brush. A lighter powder will help create highlights around the forehead and temples while minimizing shadows along the cheeks and jawline. It should go to where my part ends and the area around it. 


Additionally, I am using a lighter powder on the hairline that will help to mirror any natural shadows that I may have around my eyes. These shadows are typically caused by solid cheekbones or hollowing under the eyes due to lack of sleep.


I Spray the inside of the wig with the hairspray, then spray the hair spray directly on the part. The excess powder should be gone at this point. It’s time to use the powder foundation. After applying, I make sure to blend it across the lace front.


Using an earth-toned bronzer instead of a harsh contour stick, I apply it along my hairline, blending it inwards towards my temples. Bronzer can help create depth and dimension, making my wig look more natural.


Finally, by using a light-colored eyeshadow, I highlight my brow bone and the inner corners of my eyes. It will brighten my overall look and make my eyes more awake.

I am done and should have succeeded in hiding my lace front with simple makeup. Before I stepped out, though, I looked at myself under natural light, not just in the bathroom, because I could see the actual results in natural light.

10 Ways on How to Blend a Lace Front Wig With Makeup

You can follow these methods to cover the lace front with makeup.

The Drag Method

I like my wig with pencil eyeliner. Blend the pencil into the foundation (similar to lining and filling in the gap of my brows). I can also use eyeshadow or contour powder.

The Baking Method

Using this method, I first take a setting powder or contour powder with a fluffy brush to blend my wig with my skin tone. It will help to set the makeup and make it last all day or night.

The Blending & Contouring Method

Using two eye shadows that closely match my skin tone to create the illusion of natural shadows, then blend one into the other to form a more solid color underneath my wig. Then I bend in between layers with a clean makeup brush or sponge; you better know how to clean and blow your makeup brush. (Always remember to set your eyeshadow with powder to avoid creasing).

The Tape Method

In the tape method, I secure the wig with tape in multiple places to get a good grip and then use liquid foundation or concealer to cover the areas where the wig is visible. If I plan on wearing my wig for extended periods, I consider using water-resistant makeup so my makeup can stay in place.

The Scarf Method

In this method, I wrapped a scarf around my head like a turban and ensured that the lace front was well-covered. It is excellent to use when I am in between wig-wearing sessions. If I have long hair and a short lace front, I pull my ponytail right through the center of the scarf.

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Using Press-On Nails

Applying a full coverage nail polish in a color that matches my skin tone. Make sure to use a good top coat to avoid chipping. By this method, I can also cover my lace.

The Eyelash Method

Applying false eyelashes that match my natural lash line as closely as possible. If I have sparse or short lashes, I use an eyelash primer to give the false lashes a good grip and help them stay in place all day or night.

The Rubber Band Method

I wrapped a rubber band around my wig and pinned it with bobby pins. It is excellent when I need to jump in the shower but don’t have time to wash my full lace front wig. I ensure that all of my knots are anchored under the rubber band so they won’t be seen.

The Headband Method

I can also cover my lace by wrapping a headband around my wig and then pinning it with bobby pins. It is excellent when I need to jump in the shower but don’t have time to wash my full lace front wig. 

The Wig Cap Method

If all else fails, I can use a wig cap to cover up my lace front wig. It is a great option when I don’t have time to do my hair and wear a wig. However, I ensure that the wig cap is fitted well, so my wig doesn’t move around.

Note: No matter your chosen method, always blend your wig with your skin tone as best as possible. It will help to create a more natural look and make your wig less visible.

Things You Should Know:

  1. Use a freeze spray to secure the lace along your hairline and blow dry your hair to hold it in place.
  2. Place a wrapping strip around your hairline for at least 10 minutes to secure the lace.
  3. Cut the wrap strip off carefully with fine scissors in a zigzag pattern to blend the lace into your hairline.
  4. Apply hair gel to the remaining edges of the lace and dry the gel with a hairdryer to cure the gel.
  5. Use a wig cap if you want a layer between the wig and your scalp.

How a lace strip work?

The ‘lace’ is a strip of nude material resting beside the front of the wig, giving me a more natural look. The only major problem with lace fronts is that they usually come in one nude color, making me wonder how natural I will appear. For darker-skinned women, this problem is particular.

How do I keep my lace hide from showing?

If I want the front of my lace to lay flat or hide, I need some freeze or extra hold spray. Also, I’ll need a stiff brush or a firm bristle toothbrush to swoop the baby hairs down around my edges.

How To Hide Wig Hairline?

  • Firstly, you should braid your natural hair into pin braids so it lays flat, possibly under the wig cap.
  • Put On And Secure Your Wig.
  • Apply Ultra Glued. 
  • Comb Down Fake Baby Hair. 
  • Pluck Wig Hairline. 
  • Make Hair Parts. 
  • Apply Some Concealer. 
  • Lay Your Baby Hair.

How do you cover a lace front with makeup?

First, turn the wig inside out and apply concealer carefully to the underside of any lace along the part. Then put the wig on. Make sure it is in the right place, and then apply concealer to the lace front. Finally, use a powder foundation, and be sure to blend it across the lace front.

What can you do after finishing applying a makeup?

After you have finished applying your makeup, carefully put on your wig. For a more natural appearance, I recommend using pressed powder in a shade that matches your skin tone. You can carefully sweep the powder over the lace line, where the lace front meets your forehead.

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Can I put foundation on my lace front?

Yes, I can use any liquid foundation if it matches my skin complexion. Then I should pour some on the lace front and blend it well.

Why I use concealer for hiding the lace?

For hiding, lace concealer is essential and one of the must-have makeup products. Most of the time, the concealer should be a shade lighter than my skin color, just like my natural scalp. Therefore, whatever concealer I usually use should work perfectly for my lace. 

How can I make my lace invisible?

By using makeup, I can make my lace invisible. The things which I need from my makeup to make the lace invisible are:

  • Concealer
  • Concealer brush
  • Powder
  • Foundation 

What is a lace front wig?

A lace front wig is simply a wig where the front section has been sewn to a piece of lace to create a realistic hairline. It typically needs to be hand-sewn one fiber at a time to make it more expensive and high-end than typical wigs.

How to prepare your lace front wig? 

When you first get a new lace front wig, you might be surprised that lace is still attached to the front. It is because everyone’s hairline is different. You may need to sew extra strands of hair to make the wig work for your face. You can also use the extra lace to create a more exciting hairline. 

Which things do you need for applying a lace strip?

A spray bottle, Your skin foundation, a paper napkin/tissue, and some rubbing alcohol.

  • Add a few pumps of your foundation in a spray bottle
  • Pour in some rubbing alcohol for makeup removal.
  • Shake the bottle
  • Test it out on tissue to see the consistency
  • Spray it all over the lace
  • Make sure the lace is dry before you install the wig

How do I make my lace look natural?

When wearing a lace front wig, you must carefully blend your makeup with the hairline. It will help create a natural look and minimize the appearance of any apparent seams.

How to clean a lace front wig?

I use a cotton swab to clean a lace front wig, then carefully dab rubbing alcohol to the lace. While doing this, you can place the folded washcloth underneath to absorb the ‘released’ makeup. The best part of this tactic is that it is safe on synthetic and human hair wigs.

Can a lace front wig damage my scalp/hairline?

You might also want to know if you regularly use this trick; makeup will build up on the lace front, potentially causing damage to your hairline. You should clean the lace at least once weekly for wigs you wear every day or two.

Which mistakes I should have to avoid while applying a lace front wig?

1. Applying too much makeup 

2. Not blending the wig well with skin tone

3. Not using the right products

4. Applying too much powder 

5. Not using a setting spray

6. Using the wrong concealer

Final Thoughts:

I hope this article on how to blend a lace front wig with makeup has been helpful. The reason why I should blend lace front wigs with makeup is to make it look natural. People will not tell if the wig is real or fake. It also makes me feel more confident wearing a wig because I won’t have that wiggy feeling when people see me. So after I have done all the steps, I should be good to go. For this, I must remember that I have my concealer, concealer brush, hairspray, powder brush, and proper foundation to blend in with my lace front wig, hairline, and face.