Can I Wear Makeup After Cryotherapy? Tips and Tricks

Cryotherapy is such a treatment that can effectively do the job. In cryotherapy, the abnormal tissue is frozen and removed using extreme cold to treat many skin conditions (including warts, skin tags, and prostate cancer). It is obligatory to remove environmental pollutants from the face before applying makeup. Can I wear makeup after cryotherapy?

Point to ponder: Cryotherapy exposes liquid nitrogen at freezing temperatures to produce collagen that causes the vessels to contract. After the treatment lasts 10-15 minutes, vessels dilate when the skin returns to average temperature. This therapy reduces inflammation, tightens pores, increases blood flow, and improves complexion.

I am an artist. I am exposed to camera flashes and lights almost all day, so I have to take good care of my facial skin. In this article, I explain how wearing makeup after cryotherapy is beneficial. 

How can I wear makeup after a cryotherapy facial?

Cryotherapy is an affordable therapy for celebrities like me. To make the therapy worth the price, I take good care of my skin and follow all the precautions. Here are the tips before wearing makeup.


I cleanse my face with a gentle cleanser and massage it in a circular motion. It causes the blood flow to increase and makes my skin plump. I pat dry my face with a facial towel.

Pro tip: always use scent-free soaps and cleansers right after the therapy.


I spray some toner on my face and let it air dry.

Tidbits: Toning provides a cooling effect to minimize the impact of heat from massage. 


I apply moisturizer to the dry parts of my face. Moisturizer provides extra hydration and makes my skin healthy and young. 

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Pro tip: use the jade roller on the face to double the effect of moisturizer.


Sunscreen is the must-have product used after therapy. I always use sunscreen that contains SPF 30. It prevents my skin from UV rays and the extra beam of camera lights.

Foundation and concealer

After the cryotherapy, I opt for sheer to medium coverage foundation and concealer. As my skin texture has already improved due to the facial, I do not load it with applying full coverage products.

Pro tip: Sheer coverage foundation helps retain the face’s natural glow.

Blush and bronzer

Cryotherapy facial locks the natural radiance and gives extra sheer to the face. As long as the effects of cryotherapy remain, I use fewer blushes and bronzers.


Instead of using lipstick, I vote for lip balms and lip glosses. These beauty products contain SPF to recover the natural redness of lips.

 Cryotherapy is a skin treatment that has nothing to do with makeup. I can carry out my daily skincare and makeup routine after the treatment without any worries about my skin. Moreover, after the therapy, my skin absorbs the products more effectively than before.

Is cryotherapy good for face?

 For one week of the treatment, I usually do not apply products that contain vital ingredients. Makeup is a daily activity, and even after the therapy, applying it makes no difference to me because cryotherapy is

  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Show immediate results
  • Tolerable and safe
  • Nourish the complexion
  • Reduce breakouts
  • Lessen puffiness

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How often should I do cryotherapy?

As an artist, I follow cryotherapy sessions twice weekly to maximize treatment results. I take into consideration the time for which I am exposed to cold temperatures. Exposing for a long time causes redness and numbing. 

 What does cryotherapy feel like?

Cryotherapy is not a harmful treatment. It uses nitrogen gas which is also a component of air. Being exposed to cold gas gives a sensation that is enjoyable and bearable at the same time.

Why do you have to wear a mask in cryotherapy?

Wearing a mask in cryotherapy protects the nose and prevents the gas from inhaling inside the mouth.

Can I catch a cold because of this procedure?

After the cryotherapy, internal body temperature is high to protect against cold.

Does skin itch after cryotherapy?

Skin experiences itching after the therapy. Because of this, the skin undergoes a procedure to heal from the inside. Using vaseline prevents itching. 

Final thought

I have described the tips on how to wear makeup after cryotherapy. I recommend the cryotherapy treatment as it is suitable for all skin types and improves skin conditions and textures. This therapy is worth a try for those who want to make their skin look healthier and younger.