How to make makeup concealer at home? Instructions & Guide

Want that perfect complexioned face? Try out Concealer. Concealer is like magic that wonderfully hides every flaw on your face. Last month I ran out of the perfect concealer that matches my skin tone. I checked it online and in various stores, but it was out of stock at the moment, so I pondered on How to make makeup concealer at home? And I succeeded in making it. 

Concealers reduce the appearance of dark circles, hide away blemishes, and cover pigmentation, giving you an even skin tone. It is a must to have concealer in your makeup vanity. Concealers may or may not contain harmful chemicals; you should make them home with all the natural ingredients. 

If you can’t live without concealer, have run out of it, and want a natural product for your face, you can also make it home. This article is about the DIY processes you can try to make concealer at home. It will be natural and organic, having skin-friendly ingredients.  

How do you make your own concealer?

A concealer or color corrector is a widely used makeup item and one of the must-have makeup products. It stands for “conceal imperfections” and “correct discoloration.” Concealers may vary according to their formulations, consistency, texture, and finish. They are thicker and more pigmented than a foundation. 

Choosing the right shade of concealer is mandatory otherwise, you will make a mess of your makeup look. You can make a perfect shade of concealer at home. Concealers are meant to camouflage the flaws. There are many ways to make your natural concealer at home. 

Diy concealer with vaseline

A versatile product with endless uses, vaseline is a multi-tasker. It not only helps to moisturize the skin, but you can also use it as a base for making your concealer. I recommend using a little vaseline and not too much of it otherwise. You will have a concealer consistency that feels heavy and oily on your face.

  1. Take a scoop of vaseline and add a little crushed-up pressed powder.
  2. Mix the mixture thoroughly until the creamy consistency of powder and vaseline is formed.
  3. Your DIY concealer with vaseline is ready to apply to your skin, as we see in vaseline as a primer.

How to Make Concealer at Home With Foundation

You don’t need to worry about your concealer because you can make it in many ways at your home. The result will be the same as per your expectations. All you have to do is mix and match the ingredients according to their availability, coverage, and consistency. You can make concealer at home with a foundation in two ways.

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Foundation and compact

Foundation is lightweight and less pigmented than a concealer. Mixing a little amount of compact powder and foundation can serve you as the best concealer. It will be thicker in consistency and fuller in coverage.

Foundation and Moisturizing Cream

Use moisturizing cream that is thicker in its texture. Mix it in the foundation. I recommend you mix equal parts of both products so that even consistency of the concealer is formed with the correct pigment and coverage. 

Note: You don’t need to preserve it. You can mix both products the moment when you have to apply concealer.

How to Make Concealer at Home Without Foundation

You can make your concealer without foundation in the following ways.

Moisturizer and compact

Moisturizer is the best alternative to foundation. It stands as the base for your concealer. Mix moisturizer and compact powder and blend it well to make a creamy consistency. 

Moisturizing cream and blush/Eyeshadow

The moisturizer has a binding capacity that binds powder products and is best for making concealer. You can mix a blush shade that matches your skin tone with moisturizing cream to get your perfect concealer without hassle. 

You can also use Eyeshadow to make your color correctors like green, orange, and purple color correctors. All you have to do is mix the desired powdered eyeshade in a moisturizer. 

How to Make Concealer at Home Without Compact Powder

Do you want full coverage liquid foundation made at home? Concealers vary in their texture, consistency, and coverage. Moisturizers are thickening agents, BB creams are tinted and thin in consistency, and when mixed with foundation, they can turn out to be a full-coverage liquid concealer. 

If you have run out of powder and don’t want to use powder, you can make your concealer without using powder. Moisturizers, BB cream, and a foundation will be helpful to you. 

  1. Take a mixing bowl, and add 1 teaspoon of liquid foundation to it.
  2. Add 1 teaspoon of moisturizer to the bowl.
  3. Scoop out ½ teaspoon of BB cream and add it to the bowl.
  4. Mix the mixture well until a combined consistency is formed.  
  5. If you find the mixture thin, add a moisturizer to thicken it.
  6. Apply it on your face to test it.
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Diy Concealer with Cocoa Powder

Cocoa powder is a finely milled and refined powder, so it is natural and is not harmful to your skin. It is my favorite household thing to make my concealers. It gives me the desired coverage and is a perfect shade that matches my skin tone.

Cocoa powder is best for dark skin tones, and Cinnamon powder is for medium skin tones. Ginger powder matches fair skin tones. These powders give natural tints to concealers.

You can make this concealer in simple steps.

  1. Take a saucepan, and add 1 teaspoon of jojoba oil, argan oil, mango butter, and emulsifying wax.
  2. Heat the mixture until the wax and butter melt
  3. After a few minutes, remove the heat.
  4. Add 1 teaspoon of castor oil and 1 tablespoon of non-nano zinc oxide and mix it well in the mixture.
  5. Add ¼ teaspoon of powder tint, like cocoa powder, to the mixture.
  6. Blend the mixture until there are no lumps and the powder has thickened the mixture to a creamy consistency.
  7. Let it cool for some time before use. 

Homemade Concealer for Dark Circles

Dealing with dark circles is a lot of struggle. You can go for concealers that camouflage them by giving you an even skin tone, hiding all your flaws. Do you want an all-in-one concealer that gives you full coverage and is also formulated with natural ingredients? You can make one at home.

Natural oils and ingredients

Natural oils and ingredients are enriched with vitamins and powerful boosters that boost your skin’s natural texture without any harm to your skin. Moreover, they combat skin issues like acne, aging, and skin healing and rejuvenation. 

  • Choose any of the natural oil depending on your skin’s needs.
  • Add thickening agents like beeswax, cocoa butter, shea butter, aloe vera gel, etc., to the oil.
  • Add pigmented powder to your mixture to give the tint. 
  • Mix it well and your concealer having natural ingredients is ready.

Almond oil and aloe concealer

Almond oil has proven to be very effective in treating my dark circles. It is enriched with vitamins A and E that lighten dark circles and reduce their appearance. Moreover, it is an emollient that nourishes my dark circles. 

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Aloe vera has soothing and hydrating properties. I use it to moisturize my skin and treat under-eye bags and puffiness. Both these ingredients are best for treating dark circles. 

  1. Melt the oil with shea butter on a double boiler.
  2. Once melted, remove it from the heat and add aloe gel, zinc oxide, and cocoa powder.
  3. Add cocoa powder gradually into the mixture until your desired shade is formed. 
  4. Let it cool for some time, and then use it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to wear concealer?

Concealer covers all the imperfections on the face, making the skin even and smooth. If you have flawless skin, you don’t need to wear concealer. But concealer gives you an improved skin tone so that you can wear it. 

Does concealer go first or foundation?

For color-correcting concealers, you should apply concealer first and then foundation. For highlighting purposes, you can use concealer after foundation. Make sure to blend the concealer and set it with powder so it won’t crease. 

How do I find my concealer shade?

Concealers come in different shades, formulated to match every skin tone. It will help if you choose a concealer that matches your skin tone. In this way, it won’t look superficial on your skin.

  1. Apply different shades of concealers on your cheek and jawline.
  2. Let it set for some time. 
  3. After some time, the shade that looks skin-like is your perfect shade. 

Should concealer be darker or lighter than foundation?

The concealer should match your foundation shade. For color correcting, I go for a darker concealer shade, and for highlighting, you can opt for a lighter shade of concealer. I make sure that my concealer blends well with my foundation.

Conclusion | How to Make Makeup Concealer at Home

I can’t deny the importance of concealer because it gives a smooth appearance to my face hiding all my scars and discoloration and evening out my skin tone. Choosing the right shade of concealer is also necessary for me. You can make your concealer at home using all the natural ingredients. I have explained in detail many DIY processes to make concealer at home.

Make it and enjoy it.