Less is More Skincare Routine | A Gimmick or Reality?

You have heard everyone saying, “ excess of everything is bad.” Wanting to do so much for your skin is an instinct and should be accepted, but it’s insane to layer your skin with multiple unnecessary products. The result will not be as you desired. Taking good care of the skin represents our well-being. Why not opt for Less is More Skincare Routine

Less is more skincare routine has become a trend; people are switching to a simplified skincare routine and seeking visible good results. Skincare should not be burdensome but manageable for you. It should be a good start and a better and more relaxing ending to your day. 

Read this article and then create your simplified skincare regimen.

Less is More Skincare Routine

Skincare can be enjoyable and laborious. It’s our preference that gives dimension to our skincare regimen. If you are a skincare freak, you think using as many products on your skin is suitable. Have you thought about the consequences, or have you seen your skin glowing, or are you just showing off to your friends that you do skincare with multiple products? 

No doubt, skincare demands special attention. As you all know, many skin care products have hit the market these days. Instead of coating your skin with miscellaneous products, you should define your skincare regimen wisely. It’s the right time for you to give a shut-up call to a 10-step skincare routine and adopt Less Skincare. 


Dermatology has been developing at a fast pace. Skinminimalism is a new approach to taking good care of the skin. It is gaining popularity among dermatologists, consumers, brands, and influencers. New and improved skin care products are infused with formulas that have proven beneficial for the skin. The need of the hour is to make a witty choice in selecting these products for the long life of your skin. 

Skinminimalism refers to skipping as many skincare products and sticking to only the basics essential for your skin without sacrificing the outcome. Addressing one skin issue at a time not only treats your skin but also protects your skin from any other severe problem. 

There are no hard and fast rules for skinminimalsim. You just have to take a few notes on the following:-

  • Adopt a simplified skincare routine. 
  • Add only the basics to your skincare routine. 
  • Address one skin issue at a time. 
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Is it Better Not to Use Skincare Products?

It is always better not to use “too many” skincare products, but not using them at all is a live example of making your skin dead. Skincare is an essential lifestyle that needs some space in your daily routine to retain the longevity of healthy and glowing skin.

When you don’t adopt a skincare regimen, you must meet dry, flaky, pigmented skin and be ready to encounter drastic skin problems shortly. All you can do for your skin is take care of it in the best possible way by using home skin care. So, it is advisable to add skin-friendly products to your skincare. 

Is Less Skincare Better?

What should you prefer? Skincare or Makeup? Skincare should be your topmost priority. Good skin means good you. Dermatologists and skin specialists have also proved that using fewer quality skincare products lets your skin rejuvenate naturally and ensures long-term skin stability. Some practicality of using less skincare:- 

  • Skincare doesn’t cost you time.
  • It becomes easy for you to follow the AM and PM skincare. 
  • You become consistent in your skincare routine.
  • Achieving budget-friendly skincare will no longer be a dream. 
  • Less skincare leads to natural skin.
  • Natural skin leads to less use of makeup.
  • Quality skincare slows down the aging process. 

Less is More For Acne

Acne can be acute or mild, but in any case, it needs to be treated. There are various causes for acne, but the real battle is to treat it. Acne-prone skin has flaws and can lead to severe skin problems that ultimately demand expert treatments. 

Furthermore, acne-prone skin is at a high risk of allergies, skin sensitivity, and skin reactions. Experts have seen glorious results of less is more for acne. You can use fewer skincare products to treat your acne. It’s always better to stick to one active regarding your skin concern. 

Salicylic acid, AHA and BHAs, and tea tree oil are the best friends for your acne-prone skin. Don’t layer your skin with unnecessary products and feed your skin what it demands to help it grow naturally. You can add different products slowly and gradually to your skincare after discovering how it is mingling with your skin. 

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Tip: Look out for products containing tea tree oil and AHA and BHAs to treat acne. 

My recommendation goes to The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%

Dermatologist Skincare Routine

Dermatologists are skin experts working hard for the betterment of your skin. Over time, they have developed various means of pampering your skin.  Have you ever wondered What dermatologists recommend as a skincare routine? They are staunch proponents of the ‘less is more skincare routine.’

Be Familiar with your skin type.

Knowing skin type is a must when following a skincare routine. There are products made for different skin types, and they work amazingly. Choose gentle skincare products to maintain the skin’s natural barrier. (Mild Cleanser, Gentle Moisturizer, Sunscreen). 

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Keep up with the protectors in the AM Routine.

In the morning, your face should be ready to face the harsh pollutants, the scorching rays of sunlight, and whatnot. In your morning routine, always apply products that protect your skin. I.e., Sunscreen is a must in the daytime, and moisturizer maintains the natural skin barrier. 

Put on Actives in PM Routine

In the evening, the skin breathes fresh air and rejuvenates itself. Keep your skin clean and well-coated with active ingredients like retinol to naturally replenish your skin.

Address One Skin Issue at a Time

Dermatologists suggest picking out the skin issue and treating it at a time. Cut down your skincare products and only apply what is needed most often. In this way, you can even reach out for unknown reasons for your skin issue. You can gradually add skin care products to your skincare. 

Tip: Stick to only basics and avoid the use of too many products. 

Choose all-in-one Products to Avoid Layering. 

Skin can’t afford the layering of so many products. The only possible solution to it is the use of all-in-one products. Tinted moisturizer can replace foundation, moisturizer, and sunscreen. Use serums in place of moisturizers. 

Tip: Use high-quality, not costly, skincare products.

Healthy Lifestyle

A stressed-out physical and mental state will not benefit the skin. Dermatologists always recommend adopting a healthy lifestyle for the attainment of better skin. It includes good hours of sleep, exercise, and intake of a healthy diet. 

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Vogue Skincare Recommendations

Choosing a skincare product is a mind-confusing task in which there is a high risk of selecting the products that may or may not suit your skin and leads to unexpected outcomes. You can keep notes of some of the vogue skincare recommendations. 

Autumn Skincare

Being consistent in skincare is good, but carrying on with the same skincare products throughout the year is unacceptable. Switching to different skincare products according to the demands of your skin is an intelligent outlook toward your skin. Autumn Skincare demands your particular focus. 

Autumn refers to dry skin and can lead to skin irritation and other skin problems. You must switch to skincare products with a higher hydration content. Putting on oil-based skincare products instead of water-based ones is highly recommended skincare by experts. 

What is the Correct SkinCare Routine?

Skincare is not only choosing the products but applying them in the right direction is what matters the most. A simplified skincare routine consists of having:-

  • Cleanser (Face wash)
  • Toner/Essence
  • Serum
  • Moisturizer
  • Sunscreen 
  • Lip Balm
  • Under Eye Cream

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Do You Know If Your Skincare Routine is Too Much?

Using too many skincare products won’t benefit your skin. Infact, you will be trapped in a severe skin problem. When your skin gets dry patches, acne breakouts, flaking, or some other irritation, there’s a red flag indicating that you’re using too many products.” You must adopt a simplified skincare routine. 

Do You Really Need So Many SkinCare Products?

The idea of using so many skin care products should vanish. Turn a deaf ear to what marketing campaigns and influencers say; your skincare routine need not involve multiple skincare products. Get to know your skin and pamper it most excellently. 

Final Thoughts on Why Less is More Skincare Routine 

Skincare is a lifestyle change that needs a room in your daily life. Taking care of the skin using many products will eventually be burdensome for you and can adversely affect your skin. Consistency is the only key to skincare, and a simplified skincare regimen will keep you doing. It also ensures long-term skin stability. I hope this guide has defined your skincare routine.