Can I use Toner as Makeup Setting Spray? How to apply Toner?

When something goes wrong suddenly, it’s no fun for anyone. I recall finishing my makeup for a party and realizing I was out of setting spray I was doing my makeup. The only question that arose in my mind was what I should use instead of setting spray. I looked into other products as a substitute for the setting spray, and my eyes fell on the Toner. Then I asked myself Can I use Toner as Makeup Setting Spray? 

Is it suitable enough to lock my makeup in its place? And the answer was Yes, I Can. 

In this article, I will explain how I used the setting spray as a toner OR whether was it worth it. What is the other substitute for makeup setting spray? I will also discuss the difference between toner and makeup setting spray.  

Use Toner as Makeup Setting Spray

Toners are made for use after the cleanser to remove the excess dirt and debris from your skin. Although toners minimize the large pores and increase the skin’s firmness, they can also be used as a setting spray. How?

Once, when I was out of setting spray, I used Toner as a setting spray. The process is simple, I shake it gently and spray it 6-7 inches away from my face to avoid melting down my makeup. Even though toners are not designed to intact the makeup in their place, some toners have ingredients similar to setting spray. These ingredients include 

Let me be honest; if you think a toner can set your makeup for long hours, this is not your way. It might give you a glowy and hydrated look, but it won’t set your makeup the way setting spray would. But this can make your makeup look less cakey and powdery.

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How to apply Toner?

Toner comes in both spray and dropping bottles. Remember to shake the bottle well for the spray bottle so all the ingredients mix and give the skin desired hydration. On the contrary, for the dropping bottle, soak the cotton pad with Toner, and swipe it over your entire face and neck. Dap the soaked cotton to the skin if the Toner irritates or is harsh to the skin. 

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Can we apply makeup after using a toner?

As we already discussed, Toner works to balance the skin’s pH and minimize the large open pores. It is best if Toner is used before applying the makeup. Foundations and concealers contain oil and wax that might be a gateway for your pores. Toner with an oil-control tendency minimizes the pores’ appearance, and makeup will automatically look more subtle and flawless. 

Can you use rose water toner as Setting Spray?

Rose water contains natural ingredients that will not harm your skin. It does not work as a setting spray, but you can use it if you are out of setting spray. Rose water is made by mixing dried rose petals into the water. Shake the bottle well before spraying(spray it after applying the makeup). It soothes the skin and reduces redness. 

Can I use perfume as Setting spray?

Sadly, perfume is not a good substitute for a setting spray. Perfume contains a lot of alcohol and chemicals, which is not best for the skin. Perfume can not set your makeup the way you want. Besides, it can cause rashes and pores and is also unhealthy for the skin. You can better use Toner and rose water instead of perfume.

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Difference between Toner and Setting Spray

The most prominent difference between these two is both are formulated differently and used for different purposes.

  • Toner is free of alcohol and maintains the skin’s natural pH balance and use in different types of makeup.
  • It is the second process in CTM (Cleanse-toner-moisturize)
  • Toner makes skin firmer and increases its elasticity. It gives skin hydration to make the skin look more hydrated. 
  • It helps to shrink the pores. It minimizes the size of the large open pores and helps to make it look skin more smooth. 

While on the other hand, Makeup Setting Spray is used at the end to lock the makeup in place and increase the makeup’s last. 

  • It can be used to smooth out cakey/ powdery makeup. It prevents makeup from looking smudging, creasing, and quickly fading.  
  • The setting spray is alcoholic. It makes skin dry and even irritates.

Final Thoughts

I hope that you have learned about the usage of the Toner as a makeup setting spray by now and the Toner’s longevity. Moreover, I also discussed what you could use as a substitute for the setting spray and what you can not. I believe this guide will help you out if you face the same problem as me.