Does Wearing Makeup Age You? Truths and Facts

Makeup is an essential part of our daily life. It affects our skin either positively or negatively. In this regard, I have come across a question from many people does wearing makeup age you? It’s been a decade since I started applying makeup. I have self-experienced that makeup is not directly causing us aging. 

This article is all about how wearing makeup ages you, the factors that cause aging, and ways of doing makeup and skincare that prevents aging.

Does wearing makeup age you? 

As a working woman, I have to apply makeup daily. I have not seen signs of aging on my skin so far now. But I have seen people facing premature aging when they start to apply makeup. I have come up with a solution to this problem. Keeping good makeup and skincare routine does not cause aging.

Causes for Aging

It’s our habits, either intrinsic or extrinsic, that cause aging. Intrinsic habits are associated with our internal bodily processes. Extrinsic habits are linked with the outer environment in which we live. 

Intrinsic habits include:

  • Dehydration
  • Not eating green vegetables.
  • No intake of supplements and vitamins.

Extrinsic habits include: 

  • Exposure to UV rays (90% cause of skin aging)
  • Smoking.
  • Alcohol consumption.
  • Exposure to pollution.
  • Not removing makeup before going to bed.
  • Wrong choice of makeup products (including chemicals like sulfates, titanium oxide, some fragrances in cosmetics, and many more causes aging).
  • Not keeping a good skincare routine.

The intrinsic and extrinsic habits lead to premature skin aging, causing fine lines, wrinkles, clogged pores, and uneven skin tone. All these are significant factors of skin aging.

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Does makeup actually Age you?

I have experienced that makeup doesn’t cause age. The makeup routine and the choice of makeup products lead my skin to age. I keep some things in mind that will prevent my skin from aging.

  • I wash my face at least twice throughout the day.
  • Before applying makeup, I prep my face nicely with a good moisturizer.
  • I ensure to apply excellent and high-quality makeup products on my face.
  • I religiously remove my makeup before going to bed.
  • I clean my makeup brushes and sponges regularly.

Does wearing makeup to Bed age you?

When I don’t remove my makeup before going to bed, I see a drastic change in my skin the next day or the days following it. I believe that during sleep, our body cells grow at a faster rate. Sleeping with makeup on, I feel my skin is not nourished enough.

The makeup penetrates the deeper layers of my skin, causing clogged pores, wrinkles, and acne breakouts. All these are symptoms of aging.

You can go to bed with makeup but removing makeup is necessary for better skin. Want to know whether you can wear makeup to your doctor? Specifically, Can you wear makeup to an eye exam?

Will my skin Improve if I Stop wearing makeup?

Makeup is a basic necessity in my life. Indeed, makeup-free skin breathes freely but avoiding makeup to improve the skin is not an option for me. My skin will be at its best when I take good care of it, whether I wear makeup or not. When I have no makeup on my face, I ensure that:

  • I have done my regular skincare with good quality products.
  • Sunscreen is a must for me even I am applying makeup or not.
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At what age does your face change most?

Studies have shown that our face changes form between the 40s and 50s. Skin starts to grow fine lines and wrinkles and become less elastic. I started using AHA and BHA in my skincare regime as an adult. It is known to be an excellent anti-aging agent. 

Warning: Not using anti-aging agents in skin care can cause you to age faster.


Wearing makeup is not directly causing my skin to age. It can be my habits that lead my skin to age. I use high-quality makeup and skin care products that are not harmful to my skin. I prefer products that are vegan, paraben-free, eco-friendly, and fragrance-free.