Can Makeup Freeze? Detailed Explanation

Makeup is a basic necessity. Taking care of makeup is as important as wearing makeup. It is essential to store makeup products with reasonable care to ensure their long life. As a makeup expert, I am very particular that my makeup products are correctly stored, tightly sealed, and gently handled. I came across this question from my client: Can Makeup Freeze?

Yes, makeup can freeze. It depends on the temperature at your store and the use of your makeup products. The temperature variation can make or break your makeup experience. In this article, I will explain what happens when makeup products freeze and how to store them properly to ensure they last longer.

Can Makeup Freeze? All You Need to Know

Makeup Products can freeze at a cold temperature. Those makeup products which have the essential ingredient “water” can freeze. Freezing can cause the makeup particles to change their structure. The oil and water separate, resulting in a change in the texture and consistency of the makeup product. In addition, the product gives off a bad smell. The water evaporates from the makeup, and you can not restore the product.

Mainly, water, gel, or cream-based products are likely to freeze. Oil-based makeup products can freeze, having a slight change in their structure. So, It is easy to retain oil-based makeup products in their original form. 

Tip: You should use powder products in your makeup routine because they are less likely to freeze.

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Is it Safe to Freeze Makeup?

Freezing can hurt your makeup products. Once a product is frozen, the formula, consistency, and performance change. It becomes challenging to deactivate the active ingredients (enzymes), so there is a chance of the makeup container expanding and bursting. Frozen makeup loses its moisture. Makeup product is no longer safe to use on the face as:-

  • It will cause irritation and other skin issues.
  • More difficult to apply.
  • The makeup will go moldy.
  • Likely to fade away from the face. 
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Can the Cold Ruin Makeup?

People refrigerate makeup products to keep them fresh and to increase their shelf life, but freezing can ruin your makeup. As it is said, “excess of everything is bad.” Makeup can survive temperature changes, but extreme cold or heat can ruin makeup. The makeup product will lose its originality and quality, causing a severe change in its finish.

What Happens If you Freeze the Foundation/Concealer?

A frozen foundation will likely expand and burst due to the active ingredients. The pigments get separated, resulting in a change in the finish of the foundation on the face. The foundation becomes thicker, making it challenging to apply to the face. When applied, it may melt quickly.

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What Happens if You Freeze Lipstick?

Lipsticks are formulated with wax, oil, and pigments. These ingredients are less likely to freeze. A frozen lipstick will maintain its freshness for a longer time. But, it becomes hard and dry, losing all its hydrating properties and causing the lips to get chapped easily. Frozen lipstick will fail to give enough moisturization to your lips.  

Can you Freeze Eyeliner/Mascara?

Eyeliner and Mascara have a watery consistency, and there is an excellent chance for them to freeze. Frozen eyeliner and Mascara will be useless because their content becomes dense and solid. It will be challenging for you to apply these products, and Mascara will leave big chunks on your lashes and clump your eyelashes.

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What Happens when Eyeshades Freeze?

Eye shades formulated with cream or water-based consistency will freeze. The pigment becomes thick. You must press the eyeshades to pick the product onto your fingers or brush. The blending capability of the eye shade will be different now.

What Temperature should Makeup be Stored at?

Makeup products are made of many ingredients to ensure their long life. It should be vital for you to store them at a specific temperature range. Excessive temperature variation, either hot or cold, can harm your makeup. The ideal temperature range for the makeup is 8-12 degrees Celsius. 

Tip: Liquid and creamy products damage quickly, but the powder can survive temperature variation.

What’s the Best Way to Store Makeup?

Do you know how to store makeup properly? You don’t want to ruin your makeup just because you need to know the best way to store makeup. Your high-end makeup needs to be stored with great care. There are some points that you should note in this regard:-

  • Always store your makeup in a cool, dry place.
  • Make sure to store makeup away from direct sunlight.
  • Don’t store your makeup in the bathroom; bacterial growth is possible. 
  • Try to store your makeup at a moderate temperature.

Tip: Anything you can survive, your makeup can, too. 

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Makeup is very dear to my life. It is of utmost importance to me that I store my makeup with great care and correctly. Makeup can be ruined by extreme heat and cold, in this article. I have mentioned what happens when makeup freezes, how it can harm my skin, and how to store makeup. You should also take care of your makeup products and store them in a cool and dry place. Keep your makeup away from the humid environment. This article will be beneficial for you.

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