How to cover a Bruise without Makeup? Tips and Tricks

I went camping with my friends in the hilly areas, slipped there, and got bruises on different body parts. The tent was far from us, and we did not have anything to apply and cover my bruises. And applying makeup on fresh bruises was not a good idea. I found stores nearby, where I saw many things that would help me cover up my bruises. I decided to make a guide on How to cover a Bruise without Makeup. 

It is necessary to hide it as it leaves questions. These are some tips and tricks for those who face the same difficulty. So, keep reading this to prepare you for any situation with no makeup around you.

How can I cover up a bruise without makeup? 

Covering up or hiding the bruise is not challenging. Still, what matters is How you can cover up a bruise without makeup because if you apply makeup directly on fresh bruises, it may lead to skin damage and irritation and cause infection to your skin. 

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Does toothpaste work on bruises?

Toothpaste did a fantastic job in healing my bruises. I took out a small amount of toothpaste and applied it over my bruises. It is said that toothpaste helps break up the clots and increases blood flow, causing faster healing. You can notice the difference just after one night. 

Remember that every bruise healing varies from others, and some take more than one application to make the bruise disappear entirely.

Does Vaseline help bruises go away? 

Due to being rich in hydration and moisture, petroleum jelly incredibly heals minor scrapes and bruises. It prevents the bruised area from drying and turning into an ugly scab. Moreover, it keeps the bruises and wounds from getting worse.

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I applied petroleum jelly on my bruises so that they could not set into scabs and my bruises went more terrible.

Tip: Ensure you clean the area before applying the petroleum jelly (Vaseline).

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Should I Ice or Heat a bruise?

Putting an ice pad on your bruise right after the injury (24 to 48 hours) helps reduce the pain and the size of the bruises, which results in fast healing. The quicker your ice, the more you minimize the bruises. The icing pad helps stop the blood from leaking from your vessel. 

I put ice on my bruises to immediately stop the blood and shrink the size of my bruises.

Warning: do not put ice directly on your bruises or wounds. Always wrap it in a cloth or paper towel. Putting the ice on the bruises too long makes skin damage and harm. You can apply the ice several times a day.

Giving heat to your bruise reduces the pain and loosens up the muscles. Moreover, heat boosts blood flow which helps to clear the bruise. 

Warning: wait 48 hours before giving the heat to your bruises.

Wear Accessories

Before wearing any accessories, consider your bruise location and check out what you have to cover up your bruises.

  • If you have bruises on your hairline, you can opt for a hat, a bandana, or wear a headscarf.
  • If the bruises are on your eyes and the bridge of your nose, you can wear sunglasses to cover them.
  • If you notice the bruises on your ears and sides of the neck, wearing hoops earrings with a large pendant indeed distracts people’s attention from your bruises. 
  • You can wear long sleeves and pants if you have bruises on your arms and legs. 
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Create an Eye look and Wear bold Lipstick

Creating a solid eye look by applying liner and layers of mascara which is one of must have products, and applying bright red lipstick may help to distract people’s attention from your bruises area. 

Warning: having makeup on your face will not cover up the bruise.

Apply Tattoo 

Applying a tattoo on your bruises would help to cover them up. I bought the tattoo from the shop in the hilly area and applied it to my bruise to cover it up. It helped me to hide it when I had no option left.

How to get rid of a bruise: Home Remedies

Below, I described the following home remedies that help in healing faster.

Arnica Cream

Arnica Montana, or Arnica, is a flower with a natural anti-inflammatory effect that helps reduce the pain and lessen the effects of the bruise. It has been used for decades for the natural healing process.

Warning: stop using the cream if it irritates you.

Aloe Vera Gel 

It has natural vitamins, minerals, and enzymes moisturize and soothe skin. Aloe vera is believed to be used in many skin types of treatment, including bruises.


Bromelain is a group of pineapple enzymes that effectively shrinks the bruises’ size.  


Quercetin is derived from certain fruits, similar to Bromelain. It has natural anti-inflammatory power to reduce the scars of bruises. 

Coconut Oil 

If you have had bruises for a long time, it may help you. Apply coconut oil two times a day to reduce the bruises. Coconut oil tends to increase blood flow and heal the damaged tissues of bruises.

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Green tea Bags 

Nowadays, everyone has green tea bags in their home. All you need to do is wet the bags and put them in the freezer for a nice cold. Then put them onto the cuts to stop the bleeding and shrink the open capillaries and bruises or wounds.

Vitamin K Cream

Vitamin K shows promise to shrink bruises and is usually used by most people to reduce the scars of bruises or wounds.


Rice stands for rest, ice, compressed, and elevation. Doing these processes reduces the blood flow, which helps to prevent swelling and bruising. 

  • To begin with, elevate your body part; this stops the bleeding.
  • After this, put ice on the bruise to reduce the bleeding and shrink the bruise size.
  • Compressed the areas where you bruised. Put pressure on the injured area to ease swelling. Additionally, use an elastic bandage to wrap the area but be careful it is not too tight.
  • Last, take a rest when you get injured. It can keep the bruise from getting worse. 

Warning: you may want to massage the area where to get bruised, but this is a bad idea. It makes the injury or bruises regrettable. 

Final thoughts

Above, I demonstrate how to cover a bruise without makeup. I elaborated on many hacks and natural remedies to hide and cover the bruise. You can opt for one of those remedies to reduce and shrink the size of the bruise. All the hacks I described are blended with natural, herbal, and organic ingredients so they can not cause any harm to bruise.