Can You Cover a Cold Sore with Makeup? Methods and Remedies

Last week, I went to a party, and before applying makeup, I sensed some irritation when I saw in the mirror a cold sore on my lower lip (bad things always happen to me). My friend was with me, and when I started applying makeup, she challenged me and asked Can you cover a Cold Sore with Makeup? 

Cold sores or mouth blisters are typical viral diseases. They are tiny, liquid-filled close to your lips caused by Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV). After the bristles break, scab forms that can be most recent in a few days. Sometimes it looks weird and feels embarrassing to go with that face. But now, it’s not a big worry since makeup has been introduced.

Makeup is the best way to camouflage everything on your face. You probably do not want to go outside with a cold sore or face blisters. Fortunately, there are some techniques that you must follow to cover a cold sore with makeup. This guide is for those who are dealing with cold sores often. So grab your snack and keep reading this.

Can you hide a cold sore with makeup? 

Opt for makeup products highly concentrated in formulas to cover the cold sore. These high-coverage beauty items stay long and camouflage your cold sore in a significant way. Ensure that your cold sore begins to heal by scabbing, so it does not cause any infection later.

Tidbit: Cold sore, also known as herpes labialis, and brought by the Herpes Simplex Virus and can be highly infectious, especially during an outbreak.

How do you cover a cold sore with concealer?

I grabbed the heavy coverage concealer to hide the cold sore on my lip. Ensure that you opt for a concealer with a creamy texture, not a liquid one. I used a small heavy concealer and dabbed it with a disposable sponge. You can add more and build it up if needed. 

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Foundation for cold sore

Opt for an ultra-long wearing foundation with a hydrating formula. Because the hydrating formula will prevent your scab from looking crusty and flaky when applying makeup over it. I grabbed my long-wearing formula foundation and added a small dot over the cold sore. Further, I gently dab it with a disposable sponge.

Dust with Powder

I smoothly swept the powder over my lips to set the concealer and foundation. Ensure you dust a minimum amount of the powder because it will stay on the cold bristle and make it more prominent. Moreover, it reduces the healing process and makes the lips dry.

Lip Balm or Lip Gloss

Lip balms have rich hydrated formulas that are best for your cold sore lips. I opted for a lip gloss on top instead of lipstick. The glossy shine made my lips more plump and hydrated. Additionally, lip balms or glosses do not adhere to the skin around the lips, and your lips will look smooth.

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Warning: I do not prefer to wear lipstick as they are formulated with a matte finish and can dry out. Moreover, it can be cake and crusty around blisters or scabs. 

Do I have to throw out my lipstick after a cold sore?

Dermatologists suggest you throw away the lipstick you wear while sick or having a cold sore. Your lips are the door to your respiratory lot, and using the lipstick you once applied on a cold sore will surely increase the risk of infections and viruses.

Apply Lip Cosmetics Properly

Applying cosmetics using the same applicator or cotton swab will cause infection. Try to use a disposable applicator or something you will wash after use. I washed my lip brush before using it on days of cold soreness. I rinse the brush with lukewarm water and then let it dry out. 

Cold Sore Cover-Up Patches

A cold sore is similar to a pimple. If you do not make it to the chemist in time, you can pick up a little complete invisible patch. Trust me; these are so amazing. I pulled one side apart and placed the less sticky side over my cold sore. I put my finger over it, flip the middle part up, and then push the patch down.

So, I generally put on this patch every time I have a cold sore. It makes cold sores less painful and stops them from ripping open while eating and talking.

Tidbit: Cold sore patches are used to protect it from irritation and prevent it from spreading.

How many stages of a cold sore are there?

Cold sores develop through five stages lasting for 8-12 days. You must know which stage you are in so you can take precautions, take medications and apply makeup to cover it. 

Starting Side effects

The initial stage of a cold sore begins with the symptoms of itching, soreness, and a burning sensation around the mouth.


The cold sore started to develop into a shape and liquid fluid filled inside it. It is the stage when the virus sows the seeds of infection. This 2nd stage occurs 1-2 days after the initial symptoms.


Once they develop in complete form, the blisters or cold sore burst on days 4-5 and might be excruciating. 

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The scabbing occurs within 5-8 days. Scab formation reduces the pain and eventually takes off. Moreover, you must take reasonable care because it can easily crack up and bleed. Ensure you do not pick at them.

Healing stage

The last stage of a cold sore is healing. Many new scabs form, and every scab will be smaller and smaller until the blister heals completely. 

After the scab takes off, you observe your underneath skin will likely be the color of pinkish, reddish, or whitish. It is natural and expected after every scab healing progression.

What kills a cold sore naturally? 7 Easy Tips

Generally, it takes 1-3 weeks to heal a lip cold sore. You do not always have an option or time to head to the dermatologist. There are some home recommendations for hiding the cold sore. In this section, I will mention some natural remedies to cure lip sores.

Is Icing good for cold sores?

Gently apply ice packs over your lip sores or blisters. Even though ice won’t do magic, it reduces the soreness and redness additionally the appearance of a cold sore. Assuming you start applying ice at the earliest hint of the cold sore, you sure have the option to lessen the aggravation and expansion of the cold bristle.

Tip: This home cure works best when accomplished for 20 minutes, three times each day. 

Does drinking a lot of water help cold sores?

Your lips start to dry when a cold sore appears. It is a must to drink more and more water during a cold sore so that your mouth gets hydrated and it does not bleed and gets cakey.

Does Vaseline help cold sores?

Tenderly applying Vaseline over the mouth blisters reduces the chances of drying and crusty lips. Petroleum jelly contains organic and hydrating formulas and is effective when used on a cold sore. Although there is no medical evidence, it still prevents lips from getting drying.

Lemon balm essential Oil

It has an antiviral effect on herpes simplex infection. The oil keeps the cold sore infection from spreading into the mouth. Additionally, it speeds up the healing process. For better outcomes, you should apply it to the mouth blister with a cotton swab three to four times daily.

Tea tree essential Oil

The tea tree is known to have disinfectant properties. It quickly dries out the cold scab and also prevents any bacterial disease.

Aloe Vera gel extracts

Lab research shows that Aloe vera gel can be treated against viruses, including herpes simplex. You can use aloe vera gel on your cold sore to heal it.

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Propolis can be used for treating cold sores as it has numerous properties, including anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antioxidant, etc. Applying an ointment that contains 0.5% to 3% propolis helps to lessen the pain and speed up the healing process.

What triggers Cold sores on Lips?

Cold sores are caused by Herpes Simplex Virus type 1. Commonly, a cold sore pops up on the lips for various reasons, including stress, fever, sun exposure, weak immune system, and allergies. 

When can you Put makeup on a Cold Sore?

Applying makeup on a new and cold sore causes infections and inflammation. I suggest not wearing makeup on your lips until the cold sore completely dries out and a scab forms on the lip skin.  

You must not like to wear makeup on fresh cold sores. All you need to do is dab it with blotting paper if your cold sore is in the oozing stage. It soaks up all the wetness and dries it out. Give some healing time to the cold sore, so it may not irritate or cause infection.

How do I dry up a cold sore fast?

However, if you are in a hurry, apply the slight pressure of a cold compress over a cold sore. Dip the cloth into the cold water and apply that damp cloth against your lip. This method quickly heals the cold sore and makes it less red. 

How to cover up a cold sore for guys?

Makeup is a good camouflage for a cold sore, even for men. The majority of men still get uncomfortable with the thought of using makeup. There are a lot of beauty products that are specifically introduced for men’s makeup. 

While women’s or FTM makeup is to make or create a bold look and highlight the glow of the face skin, men’s makeup remains basic and graceful. Once your (guy) cold sore has settled down and a scab formed over it, use the same method to apply lip cosmetics as women’s.

Final Verdict

It is challenging to feel cute when you are restless about your skin. Must wish the cold sore to go away overnight, but it is impossible. It takes time to cure. I provided you with a complete guide on covering a cold sore with makeup. However, waiting is better until your mouth blisters dry out so it does not cause infection or inflammation. Moreover, I demonstrated the cause of trigger blisters and a few home remedies that you can opt for lessen the pain and fast up the recovery of a cold sore.