How to Open a Cartier Nail Bracelet? 5 Steps and Tips

Cartier is a renowned luxury brand known for its elegant and sophisticated jewelry designs, including the iconic Cartier nail bracelet. Opening a Cartier nail bracelet can seem daunting, but it can be done easily and safely with the right technique. Do you want an accurate answer to the question,” how to open a Cartier nail bracelet?

To open a Cartier nail bracelet, you must understand how the screw mechanism works and use the right tools to avoid damaging the bracelet. It’s important to handle the bracelet carefully and follow the instructions carefully to avoid accidents or mishaps.

This article will guide you through the steps to open a Cartier nail bracelet safely and easily. We will explain the tools you need, how to position the bracelet, and the correct technique to unscrew the bracelet. So let’s start and learn about it.

How to Open a Cartier Nail Bracelet? Step-by-Step Guide

You will get here everything you need to know to open the Bracelet.

Understanding the Cartier Nail Bracelet

The Cartier nail bracelet is a luxury jewelry piece with a sleek and minimalist design. It is made of high-quality metals, such as yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold, and features a nail-inspired shape. The bracelet is made up of two halves that are connected by a screw mechanism, which creates a seamless and secure design.

Screw Mechanism

The screw mechanism connects the two halves on either side of the bracelet. To open the bracelet, turn the screws counterclockwise to loosen them. Once the screws are loosened, you can gently pull the two halves of the bracelet apart to separate them.

Be Gentle

It’s important to be gentle and patient when opening a Cartier nail bracelet. Applying too much force or using the wrong tools can damage the bracelet or cause the screws to become stripped, which can make it difficult to open or close the bracelet in the future.

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Using the included screwdriver or a small flathead screwdriver to loosen the screws slowly and carefully is best. Taking your time and patience will ensure you don’t accidentally damage your beautiful Cartier nail bracelet.

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Steps for Opening a Cartier Nail Bracelet

Step 1: Hold the Bracelet Securely

Before opening the Cartier nail bracelet, ensure you have a secure grip on it. Hold the bracelet firmly in your hand and ensure it’s not in danger of slipping or falling.

Step 2: Locate the Screw on One Side 

Locate the screw on one side of the Cartier nail bracelet. The screw will be small and located on the side of the bracelet, near the top of the nail-inspired design.

Step 3: Use the Included Screwdriver 

Using the included screwdriver or a small flathead screwdriver, turn the screw counterclockwise. Be sure to turn the screw gently and carefully to avoid causing any damage to the bracelet. Turn the screw until it is completely loosened.

Step 4: Repeat on the Other Side

Once you have loosened the screw on one side of the bracelet, repeat the process on the other side. Use the same screwdriver and gently turn the screw counterclockwise until it loosens completely.

Step 5: Carefully Separate the Two Halves 

With both screws loosened, you can now carefully separate the two halves of the Cartier nail bracelet. Pull the two halves apart, careful not to apply too much pressure or force. The two halves should come apart easily once the screws are loosened.

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Tips for Opening a Cartier Nail Bracelet

Tip 1: Use the Right Tools

Using the right tools to open a Cartier nail bracelet is important. The manufacturer usually provides a small screwdriver specifically designed for this purpose with the bracelet, which you should use to avoid causing any damage to the bracelet. However, you can also use a small flathead screwdriver if you don’t have the included screwdriver.

Tip 2: Be Patient

It’s essential to be patient when opening a Cartier nail bracelet. Rushing the process causes the screws to strip or damage the bracelet, so avoid doing so. Take your time, turn the screws gently, and be patient.

Tip 3: Avoid Using Excessive Force

Can I Open a Cartier Nail Bracelet by Force? Applying too much force can cause significant damage to the bracelet, such as stripping the screws or causing scratches on the metal. Avoid excessive force, and be gentle when opening the bracelet.

Tip 4: Clean the Bracelet Regularly

Over time, debris such as dirt or dust can become stuck in the screw mechanism, causing the bracelet to become difficult to open or close. To prevent this from happening, clean the bracelet regularly with a soft cloth or a jewelry-cleaning solution. This will help to ensure that the screw mechanism remains in good condition and operates smoothly.

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How Do you Unlatch a Cartier Bracelet? 

To unlatch a Cartier bracelet, locate the clasp and press the release mechanism, which could be a button, lever, or push-pull mechanism, while simultaneously pulling or pushing the two ends apart.

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How do you Open an Old Cartier Nail Bracelet?

Older versions of the Cartier nail bracelet may have a different clasp design. Still, you can generally push down on the nailhead’s end while lifting the clasp open to remove the bracelet.

How Do you Open a Cartier Juste Bracelet?

To open a Cartier Juste un Clou bracelet, you can press down on the small button on the side of the clasp while simultaneously lifting the clasp open.

What if I Can’t Open my Cartier Nail Bracelet?

If you can’t open your Cartier Nail Bracelet, take it to a Cartier boutique or authorized dealer for assistance. They have the necessary tools and expertise to safely unlock your bracelet without damaging it.

Do I Need Any Special Tools to Open a Cartier Nail Bracelet?

No, you don’t need any special tools to open a Cartier Nail Bracelet. Twist the nail-shaped head counterclockwise to unlock it, then gently pull the bracelet apart with your hands.


In a nutshell, hold the bracelet securely in your hand and locate the screws on each side of the bracelet. Then, use the included screwdriver or a small flathead screwdriver to turn each screw counterclockwise until they are completely loosened gently. Finally, carefully separate the two halves of the bracelet and enjoy your beautiful Cartier nail bracelet.