Do You Wear Makeup Camping? Hacks for Hair and Skincare

Last year, my friends and I decided to go camping in a hilly area. That camping experience made me think about making a guide on Do you wear makeup while camping

Makeup and camping is the most asked question. But I don’t know why people fear wearing makeup while camping. 

While doing makeup, we faced difficulties as our skin was dry, and we needed to tie our hair up due to humidity. The method of applying the makeup and creating the look will be slightly different, but the products will be the same. Moreover, I will elaborate on the essential makeup products you must take while camping. So, keep reading this.

What is Minimal Makeup for Camping?

Girls, wear your makeup proudly. Do not think it’s camping or just a bonfire, so your makeup would not go long enough on your skin. Do not overflow your mind with these miserable queries if you want makeup while camping. Apply it confidently, and do not let anybody loosen your strength. We all know that we want good pictures on a trip like this.

When I went camping with my friends, we did some makeup. To get you all to know how to do minimal makeup for camping, I decided to share my personal experience with you. 

Firstly, I used moisturizer to get a smooth texture because while camping, your skin makes patches and gets flaky. Then, I applied my SPF sunscreen in a generous quantity so the sun rays did not affect my skin and make it tan. Moreover, I applied my CC cream over my face to give my skin glowy coverage. 

After this, I used waterproof eyeliner and mascara so that my eyes looked awakened. Then, my hands down and picked my favorite product tinted blush. Yes, I used it over my cheeks, nose, and chin. I completed my looked by applying SPF-tinted lip balm. 

How to look good camping? 

For most women, makeup makes them better and calms their nerves. But it is vital to know what you exactly will do while camping. Are you going to do swimming or hiking? Moreover, people go camping to enjoy the bonfire night with their friends. 

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If you decide to swim, having makeup is not your best option. Because it would not stay long enough to last long, ensure that your makeup products would be waterproof if you want to apply makeup. 

Applying waterproof mascara and eyeliner will not melt down; additionally does not make you look smeared and awful.

The next thing that is important for me is what to wear camping. I packed light and more comfortable clothes with me. Why do you wear all the heavy and floor-length long clothes while camping? 

The more light fabric you wear, the easier you feel. If you pack light clothes, you have more room to bring other things with you like raincoats, etc. Moreover, I opted for shoes rather than heels because the paths are not welcoming for those who wear heels and flat sandals. 

Beautiful hairstyles make me happy. For camping, I advised you to make a two-sided hair braid or a high ponytail, making you look chicer. You can wear a hat or bandana over your braid. 

Tip: whatever you choose for styling your hair, keep it simple.

Camping Beauty Products 

Your skin needs extra care when you embark on a journey, whether you go for a world tour or camping. You must have some essential must-have beauty products while campingBelow, I illustrate what beauty product you have in your travel bag while camping.

Do Not Forget Your Sunscreen 

While camping, your skin must get tanned, and you refuse to recognize yourself. Yes, this is for real. Camping is where your whole body is affected by sun rays, and the weather changes around you. 

When I went camping, I added sunscreen to my travel bag so it would be easy for me to take out and apply it while sitting on the bus or hiking over the mountains. 

BB or CC Cream 

BB or CC cream is the best foundation, or you can say the best beauty-enhancing face product. It gives your skin a glow with a more hydrating and luminous effect. 

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It is perfect for camping because you would not need much application like foundation gives your skin. I kept my CC cream while camping because minimal makeup is the best way to go.

Waterproof Mascara and Eyeliner 

Waterproof makeup products make life easier for women as their makeup does not melt down and disappear. I applied waterproof Eyeliner and Mascara on my eyes, and voila, it was the best thing I took with me while camping. 

I was shocked and also surprised to see that after my return to the tent, the eyeliner and mascara were still on point. Both did not smear at all around my eyes. Additionally, the mascara did not make any clumps on my lashes.

Waterproof is the best mascara for camping. Both did a fantastic job for me. So, in my opinion, let your hands down for waterproof mascara and eyeliner because who does not wanna make their eyes pop up?

Tinted Blush 

Tinted blush does not require any sponge or brush at all. All you need to do is apply it over your cheeks and blend it upward with your fingers. It is the ultimate makeup product that you must have in your travel bag. 

Blush gives your skin a natural flush while camping. Everyone wants to have more glowy and radiant cheeks. I kept tinted blush in my travel bag, so whenever I needed to apply it, I quickly grabbed it and applied it over my cheeks.


Your skin gets dry and flaky due to the weather change around you. Ensure that you always keep a moisturizer in your bag while camping. My skin got super dry while camping. 

Additionally, I had moisturizer with SPF 30+, so if I do not get time to apply sunscreen, I just put on some moisturizer over my face, and it works for both.  

Lip Balm or Lipstick 

Less intake of water makes your lips dry and chapped. Tinted lip balm is perfect for your lips while camping. I preferably suggest having an SPF-tinted lip balm with you. It makes your lip’s skin hydrated and protects you from sun rays.

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Skin Care Products and Makeup Remover Wipes 

Skin Care products and makeup remover wipes are essential products you must need while camping. You cannot easily access a basin or water tap to wash your face and remove dirt and debris.

For this, makeup remover wipes are your great way to go. You need to take out a wipe and swipe over your face and neck. It will remove all the dirt you are taking with you while camping. Moreover, it protects the pores from being clogged. 

Skincare includes cleansing and exfoliating products. Your skin gets tan, and your makeup items must enter and worsen your skin. Exfoliating your skin will help you remove all the dirt and makeup. 

Tip: Always bear in mind to keep at least one exfoliating product with you while camping.

Dry Shampoo for Oily and Greasy Hair 

Dry Shampoo is the best thing one has ever introduced. Most people, including myself, face difficulty while camping because there are no showers to wash their hair. It makes my life easy. 

I kept dry Shampoo with me while camping because I have greasy hair, and oil started to come after one day of washing. I preferably recommend you all (especially those with greasy and oily hair) keep dry Shampoo with you. It is a super fabulous camping hair hack once ever needed.

Conclusion | Do You Wear Makeup Camping?

So, Do You Wear Makeup Camping? You can wear makeup while camping but wear it minimal. Above, I thoroughly described the makeup products you should use and the skincare products you must have in your travel or backpack while camping. Always wear comfy and light fabric clothes and style yourself with a hat/cap, bandana, or other hair accessories. I hope the above guide will help you pack the essential makeup and skincare products.