7 Best Makeup Forever HD Foundation Dupes – Ultimate Review

What do you expect from a foundation? It should be long-lasting, with no need to touch-up, no oxidation, give no cakey look, and be budget-friendly. Best Makeup Forever HD Foundation meets all these expectations perfectly. You can go for its dupes if you run out of your favorite foundation. I have listed the 7 Best Makeup Forever HD Foundation Dupes.

An essential component of my makeup routine is foundation. It stands for the base of my makeup application. If the base is strong, then the rest will fall into place. Foundation evens skin tone, corrects flaws, and helps achieve a more youthful, glowing, and radiant complexion.

Foundations come in various formulas like liquid, cream, or stick foundations. It should be easily blendable, provide hydration, and give you a flawless finish. In this article, I am illustrating the Best Makeup Forever HD Foundation Dupes for you so that you can purchase and make these products a good part of your makeup routine.

My Top Recommendations

Foundation is a product that has direct contact with your skin. You should invest in a high-quality foundation. You have to wear it for long hours, and it should not harm your skin. I have used many foundations from different brands. I have listed my top recommendations from Best Makeup Forever HD Foundation Dupes that will make up for the Makeup Forever Foundation. 

  • e.l.f. Flawless Finish Foundation is best for All skin types.
  • Revlon ColorStay Liquid Foundation is best for combination skin types.
  • Smashbox Studio Skin Hydrating Foundation is best for oily skin types.
  • L’Oreal Paris Makeup Infallible Up to 24-Hour Fresh Wear Foundation is best for all skin types. 

Review of Best Makeup Forever HD Foundation Dupes

Makeup Forever has formulated makeup products that are non-toxic and have skin-improving components, and these makeup dupes are a perfect alternative. The texture, formula, and consistency are not compromised at all. This article is all about Makeup Forever Foundation Dupes.

Dupes are great alternatives to the original product. The original product’s quality, finish, and pigmentation may be found precisely in its Dupes with additional plus points. You can opt for Dupes if you struggle to find the original product. 

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Original Product: Makeup Forever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation

Unboxing: After trying out this foundation at my friend’s place, I instantly ordered it. I have not used anything from Makeup Forever, so I was excited to try it out. The package was tightly intact and sealed. It comes in a glass bottle with a pump in 1 oz. 

Review: Are you searching for a foundation that gives a natural finish and is best for daily wear? Makeup Forever is the one that you should consider purchasing. It is a liquid foundation with a creamy texture that glides smoothly on my skin. 

You can blend it with a sponge or a brush, which will blend effortlessly on the skin. In addition, it instantly sits on my skin without making my face dry because it has a hydrating formula. It is not a matte foundation and gives my face a dewy look and sheer glow.

This foundation claims to be undetectable on camera, giving a second-skin-like natural finish. As I have experienced it, it works the same as it claims. That’s why it is suitable for daily wear because it gives a natural finish and doesn’t feel heavy on my face.

It is an iconic foundation that gives medium but buildable coverage. Another plus point is that it is long-lasting but needs to be touched up after several hours of wearing. It is ultra HD in its formulation, so it is the best foundation for professionals. 

Directions to use it

You better learn how to apply makeup. Not only does a good foundation matter, but applying it in the right direction makes a huge difference in your makeup look. Here are several steps to use it in the right way.

  1. Shake the bottle well before use, so all the pigments get mixed up nicely.
  2. Squeeze out the foundation; one pump will be enough for your entire face.
  3. Dot it on your overall face.
  4. I blend it with a flat brush and then use a beauty blender.
  5. The beauty blender smooths out any brush strokes and gives a nicely blended look.
  6. You can set it up with a pressed powder.

Keys and Specifications 

  • Shade Range: 50
  • Consistency: Cream
  • Coverage: Medium but buildable
  • Finish: Natural
  • Skin type: ALL
  • Packaging Information: Glass bottle with a pump


  • It gives medium but buildable coverage.
  • I find it perfect for daily wear.
  • This foundation gives a second-skin-like natural finish to my face. 
  • Formulated with a hydrating formula that doesn’t dry my skin. 
  • It is long-lasting and smudge-proof. 


  • It is not a matte foundation.
  • You will need to touch up the foundation if you are wearing it.
  • My skin’s blemishes still peek through the foundation.

Final Verdict

It is my favorite go-to foundation for daily wear because it gives a natural look to my face, as if I don’t have any foundation. It doesn’t feel heavy and looks cakey on the skin. You must invest in this foundation.

e.l.f. Flawless Finish Foundation

Unboxing: e.l.f. Foundations are loved by all makeup lovers, including me. I have run out of my favorite foundation, so I am ordering it to have stock. It delivers at a fast pace and is pocket-friendly. It comes in a frosted glass bottle with a pump of around 20 ml.

Review: Are you finding an alternative that can match any high-end foundation? You should invest in e.l.f. Flawless finish foundation. Its buttery texture glides smoothly on my face, and the liquid formula sits on the skin, giving a blended look.

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It is weightless and doesn’t feel cakey on the face. Moreover, its coverage even outs my complexion but is also sheer enough to see the skin. It is medium coverage and gives my face a satin, semi-matte finish. 

It is an oil-free foundation but infused with glycerin to provide hydration to your face, is perfect for daily wear, and is long-lasting. Using e.l.f. Foundation reminds me of Maybelline Fit me matte and poreless foundation.  

Keys and Specifications 

  • Shade range: 40
  • Consistency: Liquid
  • Coverage: Medium to full (Buildable)
  • Finish: Satin finish
  • Skin Type: All


  • I found it perfect for daily wear.
  • It gives a satin finish to my face.
  • It is an oil-free foundation. 
  • Infused with glycerin, it keeps my skin hydrated. 
  • I found it price-friendly.
  • It is best for long-wearing hours.


  • It oxidizes my face – makes my skin darker/ tanned.
  • Its pigment doesn’t mix well, even if you have shaken it. 

Final Verdict

It is my holy grail foundation because it is best suitable for all my skin concerns. It would help if you pondered purchasing this foundation as it will give you perfect coverage, a beautiful finish, and long-lasting flawless makeup look. 

Revlon ColorStay Liquid Foundation

Unboxing: Revlon is my trusted drugstore makeup brand. To combat my oily skin, I keep switching to different foundations now and then. When I heard about this foundation, I thought of giving it a chance. It comes in transparent glass packaging having a pump. 

Review: My excitement level reaches its peak whenever I try a new foundation. To test it out, I applied it with a beauty blender. It has a liquid consistency that immediately blends and settles in the skin. It claims to give a matte finish, but it gives me a satin finish, so I mattify it by dusting powder on it.

When it comes to coverage, it is a full-coverage foundation that blurs out all the imperfections and reduces the appearance of enlarged pores on my face. To your surprise, I didn’t apply a primer underneath this foundation, and it did wonders. It is a foundation that requires no primer. 

It has SPF 15 and skin-friendly ingredients like vitamin E that nourish and protect the skin against damage. The mineral powder controls oil production. It doesn’t smudge or move from my face and remains fixed until the end of the day.

Keys and Specifications

  • Shade range: 43
  • Consistency: Liquid
  • Coverage: Medium to full
  • Finish: Matte
  • Skin Type: Combination


  • Great for daily wear and no touch-up for the whole day. 
  • No primer is needed underneath this foundation.
  • Gives a silky, matte finish to my face.
  • It hides acne scars, pimples, and discoloration perfectly.
  • It has Sun Protection Factor 15.  


  • The glass bottle needs to be sturdy and can break while traveling.
  • The creamy formula thickens the foundation after several uses.

Final Verdict

It is the best foundation to add to your best foundation collection and use because it is fully compatible with the Makeup Forever foundation in terms of texture, consistency, and formula. You will not find any other best-match foundation than this at such an affordable price. 

Wet n Wild Photo Focus Dewy Foundation

Unboxing: Wet and Wild is a hyped makeup brand among various makeup professionals. I have to try this foundation, which is readily available in stores and online. I ordered it to experiment myself with what the hype is about. It comes in a frosted glass bottle having a flat pedal like an applicator.

Review: I tried it on my face to experiment with the most hyped foundation. It has a flat pedal-like applicator, making it easy to apply on any surface. The consistency of this foundation is creamy and gives a dewy finish to my face. In addition, it is a photo-approved foundation. 

With a brush, it leaves brush strokes on my face, but when I blend it with a sponge, it blends beautifully. When it comes to coverage, it gives medium coverage and is not that buildable because it looks patchy when applied again on the face, especially since it leaves dry patches around my nose and lip area. 

It is not a long-lasting foundation because it creases my nose and upper lip after several hours of wearing it. It breaks a lot at the end of my day, needs to be touched up, covers all my face’s flaws perfectly, and has an ultra-lightweight formula. 

This foundation claims to be a vegan, cruelty-free, and talc-free foundation that is hydrating enough to nourish your skin and smooth out your skin’s texture and appearance. 

Keys and Specifications

  • Shade Range: 20
  • Consistency: Cream
  • Coverage: Medium
  • Finish: Dewy
  • Skin Type: All
  • Packaging Information: Frosted Glass bottle with a pedal-like applicator


  • It gives a dewy finish to my face.
  • This is a medium-coverage foundation.
  • The creamy consistency makes the foundation blendable on my skin.
  • It doesn’t cast white flashes in photos, so it prepares my face camera. 
  • This foundation is budget-friendly. 
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  • You need to apply a smoothing primer underneath this foundation.
  • It leaves dry patches around my nose and lip area.

Final Verdict

This foundation gives a dewy finish and a sheer glow to my face, making it perfect for me to wear on my no-makeup days. Also, it is a photo-approved foundation. It is formulated with a lightweight formula and is infused with skin-friendly ingredients that make it a worth buying product. 

NYX Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Full Coverage Foundation

Unboxing: I heard positive reviews about this foundation at a meet-and-greet event with makeup influencers. Also, it was very affordable, so I bought it very instantly. It comes in glass bottle packaging. 

Review: It is best for all skin types; I have to give it a chance to check whether it suits my oily skin. The consistency is liquid upon application, making it blendable on my skin. It gives a sheer to medium coverage besides claiming to be a full coverage foundation, but it is buildable without looking cakey on my face. 

The formula of this foundation is mattifying, giving a matte finish to my face, which is great for my oily skin but may not be suitable for dry skin. You must apply a thick moisturizer underneath this foundation to make it workable for your dry skin. 

I have found it to be long-lasting, water-resistant, and control oil production on my face throughout the day. It camouflages my imperfections perfectly, leaving a flawless look. It is infused with skin-loving ingredients that make it a lovable foundation. 

Keys and Specifications

  • Shade Range: 45
  • Consistency: Liquid
  • Coverage: Medium (buildable)
  • Finish: Matte
  • Skin Type: Oily skin


  • The coverage of this foundation is buildable without making my face cakey.
  • It is best for oily skin types.
  • Gives a matte finish and keeps my face shine-free throughout the day.


  • It gives my face a mattifying finish, so it is not best for dry skin.
  • Upon applying, it dries out instantly, making it impossible to blend it evenly. 

Final Verdict

This foundation has proven effective for my oily skin. It is not best for dry skin as it claims to be suitable for all skin types. If you want a long-lasting foundation, it is a great product to invest your money in. 

COVERGIRL Outlast 3-in-1 Foundation

Unboxing:  I crave purchasing and trying out new foundations, so I thought to give this foundation a shot. It is a drugstore makeup brand. The foundation comes in a glass bottle having a pump.

Review: This foundation meets all your expectations as it is a 3-in-1 liquid foundation containing primer, concealer, and a foundation all in one. Out of excitement, I gave this foundation a chance. It has a thin and liquid consistency that feels lightweight on my face.

This thin formula gives this foundation full coverage, which is a plus point. It covers all the redness and discoloration and reduces the appearance of enlarged pores and fine lines on my face. Also, the finishing of this foundation is matte, and I have set it with a powder even when I have not dusted it with a powder that has proven to be best for my oily skin. 

This foundation blends effortlessly with a beauty blender and creases a little bit when I apply it with a brush. It dries the instant you apply it on your face, so you must blend it fast. I notice some dry patches on my face when seen up close in the mirror.

It contains SPF 18, which protects against harmful rays. This formula is breathable, making it a long-lasting and skin-comforting foundation. It is sweat-proof, humidity-proof, and transfer-proof.  Get an insight into CoverGirl here: Is CoverGirl Makeup Gluten free? Critical Analysis

Keys and Specifications

  • Shade Range: 20
  • Consistency: Liquid
  • Coverage: Full
  • Finish: Matte
  • Skin Type: Normal to Oily skin


  • This foundation is a primer, concealer, and foundation all in one. 
  • It is best for my oily skin because it gives a matte finish to my face. 
  • It covers imperfections and even out my skin tone. 
  • This foundation has SPF 18 
  • It is sweat-proof, humid-proof, and transfer-proof. 
  • I don’t need to set my foundation with powder.


  • It dries out the instant you apply it to your face.
  • You need to apply a thick moisturizer underneath it because it causes dry patches.
  • It creases my under-eye area.

Final Verdict

It is one of those foundations people want to add to their makeup routine because it is matte in finish, gives full coverage, and is long-lasting. So, what else do you need? Give this foundation a chance, and you will fall in love with it. 

L’Oreal Paris Makeup Infallible Up to 24-Hour Fresh Wear Foundation

Unboxing: L’oreal is my favorite makeup brand that always comes up with promising makeup products. It isn’t easy to get that exact foundation shade that perfectly matches my skin tone. I came to know about this foundation and ordered it immediately. I was very excited to try it. The foundation’s packaging is excellent.

Review: Want a perfect complexion look? Try the Loreal Infallible Foundation. It is a very promising foundation that stands true to what it claims. Upon applying, I find out that it has a runny liquidy consistency but is so thin in its texture that it blends smoothly whether you use your fingertips, brush, or a sponge.

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Its coverage is medium to complete and easily buildable without looking cakey or heavy on my skin. I am surprised at how beautifully it sits on my skin and gives a glowy effect, so it is a cross between loreal pro matte and loreal pro glow foundation. 

This foundation is perfect for my oily skin because it gives me a matte finish and a fresh look. Also, it is non-comedogenic_ it won’t clog pores. Being a breathable foundation, it is lightweight in formula and is sweat-proof, transfer-proof, and water-resistant. 

It blurs out my skin’s flaws and gives me an even skin tone with a healthy and radiant complexion. It is not flat but soft matte, which I like about this foundation and is clinically tested, vegan, and contains SPF 25, which adds worth to it. 

Keys and Specifications

  • Shade Range: 30
  • Consistency: Liquid
  • Coverage: Medium to Full
  • Finish: Matte and natural
  • Skin Type: All


  • It is a lightweight, breathable, and long-lasting foundation.
  • It can withstand sweat and water and is transfer-proof.
  • Gives a matte finish and controls oil on my skin. 
  • This foundation is best for oily skin.
  • It gives a flawless look by blurring out all imperfections on my face,
  • Contain SPF 25. 


  • It contains fragrances that may irritate you.
  • It looks textured on some parts of my face until I set it with a powder. 

Final Verdict

This foundation is best for my oily skin because it gives a matte finish, controls excess oil production, and is breathable and long-lasting. Having SPF 25, this foundation will benefit your skin. 

Smashbox Studio Skin Hydrating Foundation

Unboxing: This foundation was on my list of foundations I want. So, I ordered it from Sephora’s sale. It comes in a glass tube having a pump. 

Review: As the name suggests, it is a studio foundation, which means professionals use it. I thought of giving this foundation a shot. It is liquid in consistency and blends smoothly, giving my face a natural finish.

This foundation is medium to full and also buildable, so it is up to you what type of coverage you want and when you apply another layer of this foundation, it will not make your face cakey or heavy. It evens out my complexion and blurs all the imperfections on my face perfectly.  

This foundation is great for my oily skin because it is lightweight, thin, and infused with an oil-free formula. It is a hydrating foundation that keeps the skin plump and nourished. It is long-lasting and is water, sweat, and transfer-resistant.

Keys and Specifications 

  • Consistency: Liquid
  • Coverage: Medium to Full
  • Finish: Natural
  • Skin Type: Oily skin


  • It is a long-lasting foundation.
  • I have found this foundation is best for my oily skin.
  • It is a studio foundation that looks flawless on camera. 
  • Gives medium to full coverage.
  • Doesn’t feel heavy or cakey on my skin. 
  • Infused with hyaluronic acid that keeps my skin hydrated. 


  • This foundation is pricey.
  • It leaves my skin textured when I over-apply it.

Final Verdict

This is my favorite foundation because it has an oil-free formula that has proven best for my oily skin. It is sweat, water, and transfer-proof, making it a long-lasting foundation. It looks flawless on camera giving you a natural finish. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is HD foundation makeup?

HD foundation gives you a natural finish that covers all the imperfections like acne scars, blemishes, and discoloration on your face. It is an airbrushed, flawless makeup look. HD foundation enhances your facial features so that you look your best.

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How do I find the right shade of foundation?

The high-quality foundation will make you stand out in your makeup look. The right foundation plays a significant role in your makeup. It can make or break our experience, so I recommend choosing a foundation that matches your skin tone. How can you do that?

  1. Apply different shades of foundation on your cheek and jawline.
  2. Blend it slightly with your fingertips.
  3. Let it set for some time. 
  4. After some time, the shade that looks skin-like is your perfect shade.

Is it better to have a lighter or darker foundation?

The foundation should match your skin tone. For color correcting, I go for a darker foundation shade, and for highlighting, you can opt for a lighter shade. I prefer a lighter foundation because it gets dark after several hours.

A lighter foundation oxidizes and matches your skin when it is set on your skin. You can also bronze and contour your lighter shade of foundation so that your face looks dimensional and defined. 

Final Thoughts

Makeup Forever HD Foundation is a high-end makeup product that can beat all the other foundations in terms of its texture, quality, and finishing. Some factors like price point and the shade range of the foundation stir you to go for its Dupes. These Dupes foundations make up for the original product and serve the same purpose. I have listed the 7 Best Makeup Forever Foundation Dupes in this article. This article will solve your search for the best foundation.