Can You Wear Makeup to Get Your Wisdom Teeth Out?

Are you a makeup enthusiast and can’t keep yourself from wearing makeup everywhere? Makeup is not a necessity but a choice when you visit your doctor. But does it goes the same with the dentist? So, Can You Wear Makeup to Get Your Wisdom Teeth Out?

In general, wisdom teeth extraction procedures don’t recommend wearing makeup. Because makeup can potentially obstruct surgeons’ work and increase infection risks, you should not wear it during surgery. 

Additionally, applying makeup may irritate your skin and cause further discomfort after the surgery, especially around your mouth. Let’s find out in detail whether you can wear makeup to get your wisdom teeth out.

What is Wisdom Teeth Removal Procedure?

Wisdom tooth removal refers to a method to eliminate the third set of molars which usually appear between 17-25. Most people have at least one wisdom tooth that has been damaged, which means that it doesn’t have enough space to develop naturally. The same case happened to me. In this case, I don’t want to fill in because it is irritating. 

The procedure isn’t painful as you would be amid anesthesia. It’s your choice to choose between general oral sedation or IV sedation. In my case, my surgeon recommended IV sedation for me.

I was expecting to bleed for the first couple of hours. In the first about 2 to 3 hours, I just followed this procedure; I replaced the gauze around the site of removal of wisdom teeth each 30-60 minutes. It will help me to stop bleeding by firmly biting on the area. I kept this procedure going until the bleeding ceased.

How painful is wisdom tooth removal?

The procedure is not painful because the doctor gives anesthesia to the gum, which numbs the mouth before the surgery. After extraction, you might feel sore, but rest assured you will get normal in a few days.

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How long is wisdom teeth surgery

The average time it takes to remove my wisdom teeth is 45 minutes. Because I was sedated during the procedure, I didn’t feel a thing. IV sedation or general oral sedation may be an option. Alternatively, the doctor recommends the best course of action.

Can You Wear Makeup to Get Your Wisdom Teeth Out? All You Need to Know 

A wisdom tooth extraction is one of the dental procedures in which makeup is typically not recommended. Surgeons may have difficulty seeing and working with makeup, making the surgical area more difficult to clean and sterilize.

Follow your dentist’s or oral surgeon’s instructions when preparing for your wisdom tooth extraction. There is a specific time before or after that you can wear makeup or drink or eat anything. Providing your surgeon with details about any medications or supplements you take, as well as any allergies or medical conditions you have, is essential.

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Don’t Wear Nail Polish

I like nail paints so much, but my surgeon prohibited me from wearing acrylic nails or nail polish because this is where the pulse oximeter is typically placed to measure oxygen levels in the blood. It sometimes doesn’t work as well when I have fingernail polish. 

So before going, it is better to remove nail polish. It will allow the nurses and doctors in the post-anesthesia care unit to see my color. Skin and nail color is an essential indicators of blood flow.

Why can’t I make a ponytail for oral surgery? 

Having the head tilted upward in the dentist’s chair necessitates that hair not be arranged in a ponytail or bun at the back of the head.

Avoid Drinks Before Surgery 

My surgeon prohibited me from eating and drinking for eight hours before my surgery if I had general anesthesia because having any liquid or solid food in a stomach while under anesthesia can be fatal.

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Wearing Deodorant is Not Suitable

Many people want to go anywhere with deodorant, but alcohol can be found in cosmetics, lotions, powders, and nail polishes.

Can I keep my nose ring during surgery?

All piercings above the neck, including those in the brows, lips, nose, ears, and tongue studs, are prohibited. On the other hand, you can wear watches and rings.

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Can you wear makeup during surgery?

During the surgery, you should not wear any makeup. Under anesthesia, you may lose the ability to blink. Your eyes can be injured by small particles in makeup products, especially mascara. So, it is better to avoid wearing hair products, makeup products, and nail polish during surgery because they are flammable.

Wearing socks during surgery

Surgical procedures are often performed best when we dress comfortably and loosely. So, bring socks and clothes for this purpose. You should not wear Makeup, nails, hairpins, jewelry, and piercings.

Shower before wisdom teeth removal

Always shower before surgery, and do not drink any water before sleep. Post-operative recovery and infection prevention depend heavily on maintaining good personal hygiene.

One Night Before Practice

  • I have a supply of ice packs and over-the-counter pain relievers at home. 
  • You can reduce Swelling by applying and removing ice packs every 15 minutes for 15 minutes. 

What to do After the Next Day of Wisdom Teeth Removal?

  • Clean teeth by brushing.
  • Using mouthwash.
  • Rinsing the mouth on the first day can cause your stitches to come undone. 
  • Rinse my mouth with warm salt water and brush my teeth.
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Tips to Keep in Mind When Getting Wisdom Teeth Removed

Don’t smoke or drink alcohol for at least 48hrs following wisdom teeth removal. Ideally, not during at least the beginning of the week.

Do not wear any makeup at the hospital. While you’re anesthetized, there is no blink reflex. Therefore, even small pieces in your cosmetics (especially mascara) can irritate your eyes.

  • A general anesthetic or intravenous (IV) sedation may cause the eyes to be closed during the procedure, so it is better not to wear contact lenses.
  • Additionally, hair products, hair care products, and nail polishes are flammable and shouldn’t be worn while you undergo wisdom teeth removal.
  • Dress comfortably and loosely in T-shirt and jeans on the day of the wisdom teeth extraction appointment. Remember to wear something that doesn’t get stained quickly in case of bleeding.

Cleanliness is a necessity for this purpose. I sanitized my clothes and surgical instruments, which I took with me for doing my wisdom teeth out. Some practices I did were brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash before my appointment. Makeup, jewelry, and painted nails are not suitable for surgery.

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How can I hide my swollen cheek?

I use ice packs outside my face for 24 hours after surgery. I applied ice packs to the area for 15 minutes, then removed them and left for another 15 minutes. You will be able to alleviate the Swelling by repeating this procedure.

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Final Thoughts

It’s probably possible to say that it’s better not to wear makeup or nail polish while you remove wisdom teeth. It’s simply unnecessary. Medical professionals advise not to apply makeup for wisdom tooth removal to minimize the risks.