Does Makeup Clog Drains? Analysis and Solutions

Removing makeup from the skin before going to bed is fantastic, but disposing of it in bathroom sinks does not give a healthy vibe. The disposal of makeup products demands proper cleaning and hygiene. Last week, I came home from an event and opened the tap to wash my makeup-loaded face. Water bubbles began to ooze out, and a question stuck in my mind: Does Makeup Clog Drains?

The answer to the abovementioned question is a big yes, and makeup does clog drains. Throwing off makeup from the skin to the sink makes drainage pipes blocked and full of germs. Drain clogging has become the story of every bathroom nowadays. Not only makeup but many other factors contribute to blocking the sink pipes. 

In this article, I will mention only those makeup products, not other hygiene products that clog drains, and some remedies to clear the pipes from makeup debris.

Can Makeup Clog a Sink? Brief Explanation

Drains are specifically built to maintain the water flow down the pipes. Exposing them to makeup debris makes them deteriorate and results in leaking. Makeup has many ingredients that, later mixed with hard water minerals, produce a foul smell. This process continues, and the burden comes on the environment that demands proper disposal of the makeup.

How does foundation clog drain? 

Baking soda and vinegar with hot water magically break down the makeup debris and leave a clog-free drain. Full coverage or oily-based foundations are tricky to dispose of directly into the sink. It is a natural phenomenon that oil and water cannot mix. 

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So it is clear that sweeping down oily makeup products is torture to the drainers. Foundations make a thin film beneath and build up and obstruct drains.

How do concealers clog drains?

As we all know, concealers are thicker in consistency than foundations. These makeup products, like toothpaste, are sticky enough to hold all the other disposal and cause pipe clogging. It would help if you showered plenty of water on the residue to wash it correctly from the sinks.

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What kind of soap clog drains?

Beauty soaps are used to clean makeup brushes and also cause drains to block. They have lather that builds up inside the linings of the pipe. Due to its ingredients, soap can make itself in a solid form, increasing the threat of pipe leaking. I advised switching to liquid soaps for cleaning the heavy-duty makeup brushes.

How do powders clog drains?

Powders, whether a setting, eye shadow, or blush powders, are not the primary contributors to clogging drains but may form the net to trap other debris. If you use the powdery makeup products near the sink, their granules begin to harden around the faucet and basin.

When you wash the residue, water flows through them and blocks plumbing pipes. Close the lid of the wash basin before applying powder so that the powder particles do not fall down the pipe.

Pro tip: you should wipe the powders from the wash basin before rinsing them with water.

Does glitter clog drains?

Glitter is a sticky particle and can easily adhere to the drainers. I suggest not draining shiny glitters randomly; they contain waxy substances that hold the sparkles together. These particles form a layer inside, bind with other gunk in the linings, and clog the drains.

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How Do I Stop My Pipes From Clogging?

Clog drains also bring many bacteria, unpleasant smells, and germs. It is better to make a prevention for future blockage. In this section, I will mention some remedies that increase the longevity of drainers and pause the pooling water outside.

Mesh screen

Mesh clothes effectively hold the big chunks of liquid foundation and cream blush. These filters prevent debris from going down the drain.

Makeup wipes

I recommend using makeup wipes to remove all makeup from the face, and then the minor will be washed off from the bathroom sink. Also, throw these used wipes into a dustbin.

Drain catcher

Use drain stoppers around the sink or the vanity where you used to wash your makeup, and then clean these filters every week or on alternate days according to your cosmetics usage.

Disposing cosmetics properly

You must avoid randomly rinsing the leftover contents of beauty products down the sink pipes. Trashing into the bin is the safest way to prevent clogging. 

Hot water

Always pour hot water as it readily dissolves oily and sticky substances. Baking soda and vinegar with hot water work magically, breaking down the makeup debris and leaving a clog-free drain. I advised you to do this weekly to obtain debris or makeup-free drain.

Tidbits: vinegar is a natural cleaning agent that kills the bacteria down the drains.

Final Thought

Dealing with clogged drains is stressful and costly. Like me, you always want to enjoy the smooth running of water down the pipes. In this article, I highlighted that makeup can cause clogged drains and what types of beauty products deliver immediate harm to the pipe linings. Moreover, for your ease, I also elaborated on the list of remedies to avoid cosmetic blockage.

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