How to Get Dried Acrylic Powder out of Brushes? 4 Easy Steps

I always look forward to protecting the foundation and then glancing at the outcome they create. The same goes for acrylic nail brushes; only cleaned brushes do the job of creating impressive nails. Making them pile-free must be top priority duty. Also, How to Get Dried Acrylic Powder out of Brushes is the first chapter to learn. 

Dried acrylic powder is the last thing you want to avoid residing in your nail brushes. However, you can use several cleaners like monomer and acetone to clean them up and make them fresh for use again. What ratio or for how long is what you read in this article? 

This article will mention simple, easy steps to remove acrylic from nail brushes. Furthermore, maintaining the health of brushes is a must to know so that the nail weapons live their longest without deterioration.

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How do you get Dried Acrylic Powder out of Brushes in 4 Quick Steps 

How to clean acrylic nail brushes with monomer? Getting acrylic powder out of the brushes is like deep cleaning them and prevent reaching their deathbed. In addition, the best remedy for stubborn acrylic accumulated nail brushes is the monomer which is gentler and softer on the bristles. 

Tidbits: Monomer is another name for acrylic liquid; it serves the purpose of dual worker. You can use it as a nail extension former and nail brush cleaner. 

1-Liquid Monomer in a Dish

The first step towards cleaning the hardened nail brushes is pouring the liquid monomer into the shallow dish. Moreover, dip in the dirty brushes and let them soak for a while by regularly checking their condition.

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2-Let Monomer Seep Inside

Acrylic brushes take more than hours to clean. Monomer seeps inside the brush’s bristles, and deep cleans them. If the same goes for your brushes, you can easily let them soak inside the dish overnight.  

3-Rinsing with Warm Water

As the build-up debris is cleaned, gently rinse them with warm water or, more appropriately, swirl the brushes into the cup filled with water. After the cleaning session, air-dry them by placing them on the paper towel so that it absorbs the unwanted moisture.

Pro Tip: give the brushes a soft hand treatment and avoid pulling or scrubbing them during rinsing.


Soak the nail brush into the dish filled with monomer to get them a final cleanup. This time, the brushes are allowed to rest for only 2 hours and not more than this. Also, let air dry them again without rinsing them with water. 

Note: Allow the monomer to evaporate properly and avoid storing brushes upright to prevent contaminated tools. 

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How to Get Acrylic off Brush with Acetone?

Also, acetone is permissible for synthetic brushes due to their resilient and tolerable nature. Brush with natural hair is prone to ultimate damage when cleaning with acetone. If you have no other option to clean the caked-up acrylic brushes, acetone may be your last pick.

Your brushes do not deserve the acetone treatment firsthand. When encountered with the brushes, you can conclude that the acetone makes them dry more quickly than any other cleaner. 

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You have to fill the cup with acetone so that it only soaks the bristles and does not ferrule. Let the brushes soak in the formula for only 2 minutes and remove them. The next step is to dislodge the bits with a paper towel. You can favor the help of a cuticular pusher and subside the remaining bits of acrylic chunks from the brushes.

After giving your brushes an acetone treatment, fill the bowl with monomer and treat your brushes with monomer for 2 hours. Now you can remove them and air dries them on a paper towel. 

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Mindful Tips

The picture of pretty-looking nails is only possible when you take care of their tools. Whether you use synthetic or natural hair brushes, the easy-going tips await for you to implement on the nail brushes and refrain from going in the danger of exposing acetone monomer. 

  • Pay attention to regular cleaning; before, during, or after use
  • Follow the guidelines that come with your brush set
  • Wiping the brush with acrylic liquid daily
  • You can use mild liquid soap to restore the shape of the bristles
  • Cleaning the brush with a lint-free cloth after use is a must.

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How Do you Get Acrylic Powder off Without Acetone?

Acetone is a harsh component for your nails, and you must avoid it to get off the acrylic powder. However, another easy and DIY option is to use soapy or warm water to dissolve the acrylic nail extensions by soaking them in a mixture for 20 minutes.

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Can Nail Polish Remover Activate Acrylic Powder?

If you think of removing the nail polish from the acrylic nails with a nail polish remover, don’t do it. The reason is that nail polish remover contains 100% acetone and can remove artificial nails. So, do not remove only polish if you do not want to dissolve your acrylics. 

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Final Thoughts

Pile-free nail brushes glide on the nails and provide the best makeover to your nails. But do you think what happens when acrylic-filled brushes do the job? Depending on the condition of the nail brushes and for how long you retain the left-over acrylic in them, highly specifies the use of monomer and acetone to clean them.