Why is My Makeup Piling? Complete Guide

Flaunting a flawless makeup look is everyone’s dream, but it can sometimes be challenging. Makeup piling is a big hurdle in achieving the desired makeup look. As a working woman, I have to apply makeup daily. The problem: Why is My Makeup Piling? is concerning, so I am here with a guide to avoid it.

Makeup piling is the falling up of the makeup, causing it to become flaky. The makeup sheds off from the skin without settling in the skin properly. To avoid this situation, I have come up with the reasons for makeup piling and ways to get rid of it.

Why is my makeup piling? 

Sometimes, the product applied on the face is incompatible with the other products, resulting in makeup piling. There are many reasons for makeup piling, or you think why makeup doesn’t suit me. It can be due to the wrong choice of products, indisciplined skincare, makeup routine, skin types, and carelessness in applying the products to the face.

Wrong Choice of Products

Earlier, I should have made better choices in buying skincare and makeup products. Silicone-based products or products having mica, talc, etc., don’t absorb into the skin. These products stay up on the skin’s surface. Layering up silicone-based products on one another has drastically caused makeup to pile onto my face. 

Undisciplined skincare routine

For umpteen years, I had stuck to a basic skincare routine without adding or removing any product in my skincare. In this routine, I needed to make better choices of products and was not using that product that well suited my skin.

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I sometimes used to skip nighttime skincare because of my laziness. Lately, I have realized that I don’t exfoliate my skin. I suffered makeup piling because of my dead skin cells.

Tip: Exfoliation removes dead skin cells from the face, improving the skin’s texture. 

Undisciplined makeup routine

Having an undisciplined makeup routine was a big-time reason for the makeup to pile up on my face. I needed to correctly prep my face before applying makeup. I was sluggish in removing my makeup after a tiring day. All these factors became a big reason for makeup piling.

Carelessness in the application of products

I was very careless in applying skincare or makeup products to my face. I needed to apply the products in the correct order. As oil and water repel each other, I was used to layering up water-based products with oil-based ones. So, my makeup used to fall off instantly. 

How do I get Rid of Pilling on my face?

Makeup piling was a big problem for the makeup lovers like me. Also, I had to apply makeup daily, and makeup piling was constantly shaking my confidence. Now, I have come up with a solution to remove makeup piling on my face. 

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Get Familiar With the Skin Types

It is a fundamental step to fix makeup piling. I now know my skin type and choose products that suit my skin well. 

  • Dry skin

In winter, my skin becomes dry and flaky. I use a thick moisturizer with a creamy formula to nourish my skin. Facial oils or oil-based products are my favorite skincare and makeup products during winter.

  • Oily skin
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I must deal with oily skin prone to acne breakouts and pimples in summer. I always use water-based products in my skincare and makeup. 

Nourish and Prep the Skin

I always exfoliate my face with a gentle exfoliator before applying the makeup. It removes the layer of dead skin cells providing me with smooth skin. Then, I prep my face using essence, toner, moisturizer, facial oil, and a gel-based primer.

The correct order of product application

Using skincare and makeup products in the correct order has proven to be effective for me. It has changed my skin in a better way. I first use lighter products ( water-based ) on my face, then proceed towards heavier products ( oil-based ). Lighter products get settled in the skin and provide a smooth texture for the other products to be applied to the face. 

The “Less is More” Works Best

Layering up the product makes no sense. I always apply products in lesser quantities to achieve a natural look. It has saved me from makeup piling up on my face.

Don’t rush

Whenever I apply skincare or makeup products, I don’t rush. I take the much-needed time to get ready. I let the product absorb in my face properly before applying the following product to my face.

In this way, each product I apply settles down on my face nicely, giving me a flawless finish.  

Don’t Rub Just Dab

I work on the product application formula “don’t rub, just dab.” Rubbing may cause the product to slip away from the skin. Dabbing settles the product into the skin, giving me a blended look. 


I have mentioned the reasons that cause makeup piling. Tackle makeup piling is not at all problematic. It just requires having a complete list of instructions before applying any makeup product. This way, I can achieve a flawless makeup look and boost it with confidence.

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