Can Urgent Care Treat Skin Infections? Explained

Your skin demands extra care as it is the most exposed to environmental pollutants. You must wonder what needs you to visit urgent care for minor skin issues. Every skin is different and cannot be treated well by giving first-hand treatment, but instead requires a visit to a consultant. In this regard, visiting urgent care comes to mind, but Can Urgent Care Treat Skin Infections? 

Minor skin irritation stands in the lane of infections, rashes, discomfort, and itchiness that can happen for multiple reasons. It should be treated under the provision of urgent care for the correct diagnosis. Also, a healthy treatment clears your confusion about emergency medical aid or home-based first aid.

In this article, I will mention the significant infections that need to be monitored in urgent care to lessen the pain. In addition, what are the symptoms you cannot avoid and end up going to urgent care? At the same time, acquaintance with the causes of several skin infections is essential. 

Can Urgent Care Treat Skin Infections?

Although bacteria are assigned the role of skin protection, they enter into the skin cells. The protective creatures become foreign invaders due to a skin break and cause infection. Can you Go to Urgent Care for Skin Infection? The simple answer is yes; urgent care welcomes you to get yourself relief by throwing away the excess pain of the harmful bacteria. 

You may leave some skin conditions unattended, as many require immediate care. Rashes, such as poison ivy, hives, or swimmers’ itch, can be cured at home. You can go to urgent care if you notice a high fever or blister. In addition, parasitic, bacterial, and viral infections may cover your body from rashes and demand proper medication.

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Causes of Skin Infections

Skin infections or problems come without an invitation, and any harmful irritant can become the reason. Your skin needs a special caretaker to nourish it. You must avoid these severe skin infection causes to avoid tackling with long-lasting curing treatments. 

Sun Burns

Soaking excess vitamin D does not prove beneficial, and it may cost you rashes and irritation. Sunburns, stove heat, or electrical burns are the primary causes of skin infections that need to be treated at urgent care.

Medicine Reactions, Personal Treatment

Sliding unnecessary medicines for no reason or minor ones may lead to skin irritation. It may be due to you using expired makeup. Does makeup expire? You itch your heart out and end up having a blister or a wound on the surface. So, do not help yourself in treating and consult an expert.


Washing powders are a significant reason for skin issues. You may have sensitive skin on your hands like me and be prone to immediate allergic reactions. When harmful particles of detergents get into contact with the skin, it may rise to redness and skin infections.

Autoimmune Disease

Dealing with autoimmune diseases and seeing the reactions on the skin is nothing but a painful feeling. You must consult your doctor and follow the prescribed medicines.

Bacterial Infection

Bacterial infections are most common, as they start from the feeling of discomfort and lead to applying antibiotic creams for a cure. 


Acne is itself an unworthy sight to watch. When combined with terrific blisters or bumps demands urgent care.

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Can you Go to Urgent Care for Skin Infection?

The occurrence of an infection sees no time. Suppose you scratch a patch of the skin, and it forms a blister. However, the phenomena can trigger by broken skin, piercing, or an insect sting. 

You must identify the warning sign of impending infections to walk on the path of an immediate recovery. The common symptoms as a result of unplanned and anonymous skin infections which get into your knees are:

Appearance of Infection

Suppose your infection is not the same as that you left some time ago. Going to urgent care becomes your necessity to make yourself heal.

  • Pain accelerates
  • You see, the affected area swelled
  • Any injury that does not heal after several days
  • You find the pus formation of fluid oozing from the wound
  • The primary redness near the cut 
  • Blister formation
  • Itchiness and Fever (above 102 degrees)
  • Muscle or body aches

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Symptoms Getting Worse

How about you start treating the common signs of symptoms with an antibiotic cream or a painkiller? The condition gets even worse. I recommend you plan a visit to urgent care after spending 24 hours with the deadly infections.

Does Urgent Care Treat Cellulitis? 

If not treated on time, body-attacking bacteria Cellulitis damages the lymph nodes and can cause blood poisoning. A fast-spreading bacteria tends to spread in those with diabetes mellitus or a weak immune system. 

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Can Urgent Care Treat Staph Infection?

Do you notice red sores that form a yellow-brown crust from itching? If yes, the main reason behind this is the infection of the staphylococcus bacteria. You cannot treat it at home and consult urgent care to treat it with skin creams, antibiotics, or a combination upon receiving the symptoms.

  • Chills
  • Fever
  • Body aches

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Summing Up

Can Urgent Care Treat Skin Infections? You need to be careful about your skin health; otherwise, it leads to damage beyond repair. Minor skin problems can become horrible conditions such as eczema, fungus, or whatnot. In this article, I have mentioned the primary symptoms and major causes that can land you in urgent care for the correct diagnosis and treatment.