Does Makeup Expire? Encyclopedic Details

Makeup has been used for umpteen years to enhance beauty and features and makes your look more attractive and presentable. You might be using the same product for a whole year which is not a good idea and leads to many skin-related issues. As a beauty expert, I get these questions more frequently. I started researching and studying Does Makeup Expire, and the feedback astonished me.

Makeup expires as every other tool and product. You have to pitch that specific product to get rid of it. Otherwise, using expired Makeup on your face causes skin irritation and inflammation. Your skin is delicate and, in no time, gets infected by bacteria and mold.

Every product in the packaging will become the ground of bacteria when opened. As an expert, I always advise my lovely clients about the longevity and effectiveness of makeup products. In this article, I will elaborate on Does Makeup Expire and how long you can wear a particular cosmetic item or when it is time you toss out your beauty product. 

When does Makeup Expire? Instructions

Makeup products work differently, and their shelf life varies. As each of them is based on different formulas and textures, their exposure to skin and usage made their shelf life shorter. All you get to know is When Makeup Expires, so you replace them as early as possible.

Grows Bacteria

When Makeup is past its expiration date, it starts to grow bacteria. And you do not want to transfer bacteria from the products to the skin. Putting bacteria-clad makeup products lead to a breakout, irritation, bumps, and even styles on your eyes. I had one of those, and it was painful and annoying.

Change the Texture and Pigmentation 

When expired, makeup products change their texture, pigmentation, and consistency. It will not work as well, and your skincare will only be effective if the products break down. It is widespread in liquid products like foundations and concealers.

Expiration Date

The first and foremost way to know the expiration date of your product is to look for an expiration date on the packaging. Sometimes you can find it, and sometimes you can not. But most cosmetic products go by the date they have opened and not the date they are manufactured because once you open the product, bacteria start inducing into them.

For example, the Concealer you apply on your face with the wand, every time you put the product on, no matter how clean you think it is, you are giving hollow spaces for germs to return into this. So, this will be a product that does not last as powder products.

However, powder products that are not wet, such as contour, eyeshadow, and Blush, etc., will last longer because bacteria can not breed on dry/powder products.

The expiration date is written on the product’s jar or container, but sometimes the ink fades. Ensure you write the expiration date on some pages to remember it. So, don’t use expired makeup products that lead to redness, irritation, styes, and infection. If you find that makeup is expired, it is your moral duty to dispose of makeup products productively and adequately.

How to know if Foundation is expired?

Foundations are water-based, which means bacteria love to make their home. If you opened your Foundation, it is best to replace it after 12-18 months. I always suggested that my clients keep their Foundation out of the moist environment and away from heat. This will surely not help the Foundation’s longevity, but it saves the product from becoming groundbreaking for bacteria. 

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Once, I was applying to the Foundation and inhaled a bad smell. Not paying any attention, I applied it, and before stepping out, I felt my Foundation start to oxidize. Both signs indicated the expiration of the product. It could be possible that makeup products get frozen and even lose their original texture.

Checking out the date, I was shocked that it expired a couple of weeks ago. Then I remembered it’d been a year since I used this Foundation and its shelf life is 12-18 months. I rushed to my wash basin and quickly wiped off my Foundation so it did not irritate or damage my skin. 

Tip: The expiration date is mentioned on the cosmetics products, but if the paint fades, all you can do is the smell and feel the formula of your foundation.

What happens if you use the Expired Foundation?

No one wants to apply anything on their face to make their skin damaged and irritated. If you use an expired foundation without your knowledge, your skin causes breakdowns, allergic reactions, and irritation.

I advised my customers to put the icing on their faces. Icing reduces irritation and helps the bumpy surface of the face transform into a smooth one. Moreover, I suggest using good quality toner to make your skin hydrated and even.

Warning: Do not massage your face after using an expired foundation. It produces heat that causes itching.

How long does Concealer last?

Concealers are used for hiding imperfections and brightening the look. But the question is, what if the concealer changes? Its color after applying OR what if the Concealer started to shift on the face? The only answer is to check the lapse date mentioned on the jar. It also happens because each time you pump out the wand, the air gets into the bottle, and bacteria produce. 

The Concealer lasts up to 12-18 months after opening, but if you notice any lumps and an awful smell, discard it and buy a new one. Want to learn how to make Concealer at home?

Can I use Expired Powder on my face?

Powders are used on the face to uneven the complexion. But, using expired powder on the face gives rise to acne and breakout. The powder can dry out or change its texture and consistency, which helps you notice if it’s past its expiration. Usually, the fine particles of the powder change into lumps and do not set on the face skin.

Face powders are likely to go for a longer time, and the powder’s performance remains fabulous. Moreover, powders do not contain water, so there is less chance of growing microorganisms. The shelf life of the powder is 12-18 months. 

What happens if you use Expired Eyeshadow?

Your eyes are the most delicate area of your face, and applying expired eyeshadows onto your eyes to make them pop up might cause irritation, redness, and severe infection. 

People asked me how they would know if their eyeshadow had expired. I recommend they notice its consistency, smell, and color. Most of the time, the components and the eyeshadow particles started to separate and dry.

As a beauty expert, I suggested never using any expired eye cosmetic product. This thing will lead to eye problems. The longevity of the Powder Eyeshadow is 12-18 months, but in some cases, the eye palette starts to dry out and causes itchiness in your eye. 

Tidbit: use rubbing alcohol to sanitize your powder eyeshadow. Spray down on it will prevent bacteria from forming.

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The Cream-based Eyeshadow quickly tends to grow more bacteria than powders. Pay extra attention to them. If you apply eyeshadow with your fingers, ensure you wash your hands. Moreover, be aware of any color shifting and off-putting smells.

How long does Mascara last?

Every makeup product has its longevity as per its usage and its care. Mascara is one of the makeup products I have been using daily. That makeup look is not complete without applying a little mascara. It brightened up my whole look. Even when I do not feel like doing full glam makeup, I just put on some mascara to pop my eyes. 

I have to touch up my Mascara two times a day, so it may have a chance to dry out quickly. To prevent the loss of product, I do is: to always buy a travel-size bottle. Mascara usually lasts up to 3-6 months, whether it expires or not, as it dries out at each use.

Due to liquid consistency, bacteria and other microorganisms easily contaminate the product. Using it for more than 6 months after buying it leads to infection and symptoms. If you got an eye infection (redness or conjunctivitis), throw away your Mascara and buy a new one. 

How long does Blush last?

Blushes stay longer, but when you have a Powder blush. Yes, bacteria do not enter a dry environment. However, you can replace Cream blush after one year. Because the formula is creamy and bacteria take no time to thrive in it. Additionally, these are applied using fingertips, so there is more risk of getting bacteria in cream blushes.

If you want to prolong your blush life, I recommend keeping it in the dark and dry place to avoid promoting bacteria growth. 

Warning: if you see any texture changing or inhale a foul smell, toss it out immediately.

How long does Lipstick last?

Everyone desires to apply lipstick that won’t rip and dry their lips. Sometimes, expired lipstick won’t dry your lips; however, the pigments will not stay on the lips. 

Lipstick and Lip gloss is formulated with oily ingredients that start to smell awful when they expire. Also, their texture changed. For example, the Lipstick gets hard, the color appears different, and the Lip gloss feels globby and streaky when you apply it over your lips.

Mainly, you can use the Lipsticks for up to 18-24 months since they are exposed directly to the mouth area. There is a higher risk of making herpes on the skin. It is better to spray rubbing alcohol or shave off the top layer to prevent lipstick from microorganisms.  

You can use Lip gloss for up to 12-18 months. But if you notice any change in texture or color, replace it with a new one. 

How long can you keep Makeup? Tips

There are some guidelines on every makeup product, and the stamped expiration date is labeled. The period after opening (PAO) symbolizes the makeup life that you can use after opening it. Also, it is obligatory to get remindful of the date when you disclose its seal. The Makeup’s shelf life.

  • Keep the makeup products dry, and place them at room temperature.
  • Do not put products in direct sunlight.
  • Use clean makeup tools such as a sponge, brushes, and beauty blender while applying the Makeup. 
  • Wash your hands before you start your makeup regimen.
  • Spray down the disinfected spray on your powder products will reduce the risk of bacteria and mold.

Does Makeup Expire if Unopened?

Expiration depends on the preservatives, ingredients, and application. The lapse dates you see imprinted on cosmetics or the bundling are rules for after the item has been opened. It tends to be challenging to come by when sealed.

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Unopened cosmetics terminate since it’s not stepped on the packaging. It is a fact that sealed Makeup lasts or should keep going for 2-3 years if appropriately put in an excellent, dry spot.

I have come across this query: Does Makeup Expire if Unopened? Below I demonstrated how long the shelf life of Makeup is if it’s unopened.

Unopened Expired Foundation

Foundation is not something you want to put on your face when it expires. After all, your face skin matters when applying Makeup, and you do not prefer to wear an expired foundation that causes skin allergies and diseases. 

People still do not have any idea if it is expired or not. They should notice the texture and the smell of the Foundation. The product gets thick and globby. And when you apply it over your face, it fails to adhere to the skin. The average time of the unopened Foundation is considered up to 3 years.

Unopened Expired Concealer

Who wants to apply a concealer beneath their eyes, knowing it is the most delicate area and in no time reacts if used on any expired product? Indeed, no one. Concealer, due to its liquid consistency, becomes ground for bacteria if it is unopened. I advise you to nix it and purchase a new one.

Unopened Expired Blush 

Blush is something we all love, and we want to store every shade of it. Liquid blushes tend to become super sticky and dry. Additionally, the smell becomes disgusting. I suggest you toss it out immediately when you heed any slight change in texture and formula.

Unopened Expired Lipstick

The lipstick goes longer than other beauty products, even if it is expired and unopened. The smell is the primary factor that helps feel the lipstick lapse date. Just open the lipstick cap, and you come across the foul and unpleasant fragrance it produces. It ensures that lipstick is dead, and you can not afford to wear it on your lips anymore.

Unopened Expired Mascara

Mascara is a makeup product lasting up to 3-6 months when opened. It makes your lashes thicker and volumizes. But if you are wondering how long the Mascara goes when unopened.

Mascara can be stored for 2 years if it is unopened. But if you see any clumpiness and stickiness on your eyelashes after wearing Mascara, pitch it immediately.

How to Avoid Expired Makeup Products?

I will share some points on How to Avoid Expired Makeup Products, so they do not waste your money and do not clutter your space when they are not in your use.

  1. Look over the expiration date.
  2. Do not become a makeupholic at sales
  3. Purchase just what you want
  4. Always buy the original products or quality makeup dupes.


Yes, Makeup does expire, and using lapse makeup across your face turns it into irritation, infection, and skin disease. Back then, People often started to store beauty products when they saw them on sale. However, they still need to get a chance to use them, so products expire before opening. It is better not to collect the products when there is of no use. Moreover, using one item at a time will undoubtedly save money. The preservatives used in Makeup truly separate after some time, regardless of whether the item is unopened, so you should permanently save the item for over 3 years.