How to Clean Reusable Makeup Pads? The Most Complete Guide

To minimize my environmental impact and extend the life of reusable makeup remover pads, you may wonder if you can wash and care for them properly. So, How to Clean Reusable Makeup Pads? In this guide, I want to describe the cleaning process of my makeup removal pads so you can know how to wash and care for them.

How to wash reusable makeup pads?

Reusable facial pads are a great way to help sustain the earth. I always clean and wash them properly, And yes, “wash them” doesn’t mean the way you probably wash your makeup brushes. It means that they need a regular rinse and lather.

As I use them, they become soiled—in some cases heavily soiled—with oil, dirt, and makeup; these look like mini towels, and I treat them as I would any towel or washcloth. I use them only once and wash them along with my other linens.

 I make sure not to overload my washer with detergent, as overdosing can cause detergent to get trapped within the fibers of my fabrics and can cause direct skin irritation.

Best Makeup Remover Pads Cleaning Process

You can use different makeup removers, and makeup removal pads are necessary for every makeup application.

  • Try to wash as soon as possible after removing makeup.
  • I found washing the side without makeup (if there is one) worked better, as it pushed the makeup out of the cotton and not into it further.
  • Wash cotton pads with a soap bar under warm water and rinse a few times.
  • Leave a wet with little soap until ready to put them through the washing machine.
  • Best to keep it dry between rinsing and washing.

Before I dive into the how-tos on cleaning my reusable makeup and skincare pads, I first note their composition, which is almost always woven. Here’s how to clean my homemade or store-bought reusable makeup remover pads.

How to clean reusable makeup pads?

What I need for cleaning my makeup pads:

  • A mesh laundry bag.
  • Laundry detergent.

First, I place my pads in a mesh laundry bag and wash them in the washing machine with light-colored clothes on a warm wash ( up to 40°C, 104°F) with a gentle detergent and leave the pads to dry naturally. I do not use fabric softener or bleach when washing my pads or Silicone applicator. Learn about How to use your silicone applicator?

Note: Before we get started, it’s important to note that you should wash your reusable makeup remover pads before their first use. Facial skin is susceptible and prone to clogging, so you’ll want to make sure your pad is squeaky-clean before using it to remove makeup or apply skincare.

Step 1

Good news! Homemade or store-bought reusable makeup remover pads can get cleaned in the washing machine. However, their size and composition mean they will break down if left to their own devices in the whirling chaos. This holey bag is intended for situations like this and allows smaller, more delicate items to get machine-washed without facing wear and tear.

Step 2

When it comes to cleaning aids, it’s best to avoid bleach, fabric softeners, and stain removers and stick to skin-safe washing detergent. My pads won’t need much to get clean due to their size and using erosive agents damages the pads’ overall composition and strength. 

On top of that, these liquids often contain harmful petroleum and toxins, which will see the pads doing more damage than good when caring for my skin.

With a simple washing powder/liquid added, set up a warm wash for a light-colored load and add a prepared mesh laundry bag to the mix. Hit the go-button and see to your day’s to-do list before joining in on the washing and spiraling up.

Step 3

When I am summoned by the increasingly passive-aggressive jingle of my washing machine, it’s time to dry. Some store-bought pads allow for tumble-drying but be sure to read the package’s instructions to make sure carefully. 

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Then I place my removing Pads in direct sunlight and, much like a good tan, flip them over for consistency. The sun will not only see to a quick (and natural) dry but also help purify the pads by lifting any remaining odor and lightening stains.

Step 4

Now, this is more often in between, and will see to reusable makeup pads lasting years and years. To keep stubborn stains at bay, I gently wash my makeup removing pads with warm water and soap in the basin after each use. A quick cleanse will do wonders in keeping my pads fresh and hygienic in between deeper cleans on laundry day.

Why can’t I use fabric softener, stain remover, or bleach when I wash my reusable makeup pads? 

Using fabric softener, stain remover, or bleach when washing my makeup pads made from bamboo (rayon from bamboo) is not a good idea. As soon as fabric softener is introduced in the washing machine, it can build up on the pads, weaken the fabric, and dramatically decrease its absorbency.  

Washing the pads without fabric softener will keep the pads at their maximum absorbency, and the bamboo fabric (rayon from bamboo) will get softer and more absorbent with each wash.

Tip: Do not use bleach or stain remover, as they are very harsh chemicals that can damage the bamboo fabric and ruin your reusable pads. 

What can I do to make the pads last longer?

  • I give my pads a quick wash right after using them with warm water and a soap bar. By doing so, I remove most of my makeup from the pads instantly and reduce the amount of wear in the fabric by not using the washing machine. 
  • Most of the time, I don’t even use the washing machine to clean my pads. Just giving them a quick rinse in warm soapy water works just fine.
  • To keep my pads in good condition for a more extended period, I avoid drying them in the tumble drier, especially at high temperatures, as this can cause excessive wear and shrinkage in the fabric. 
  • Bamboo fabric (rayon from bamboo) should be air dried, ideally on the clothesline if one is available. If I air dries my pads naturally, they will keep their shape better, but if I decide to use the drier, they will still be practical and usable. 

Note: Do not boil the pads made of bamboo (rayon from bamboo) in water, as it will cause the fabric to break down and severely shorten its lifespan. 

What are reusable makeup remover pads?

You can use Reusable makeup pads to remove makeup time and time again. You won’t have to throw one out after using it. Instead, you can remove my makeup, wash the reusable makeup pad, and then use it the next day to take my makeup off. Different options are available, including reusable cotton pads and towelettes, depending on my preference. 

Are reusable makeup pads worth It?

If I want to make my beauty routine more sustainable, I’ll be the first to say that reusable makeup remover pads are worth it. Not only do they contribute to less waste, but they’re also budget-friendly. 

I will only have to constantly go to the store to restock my makeup wipes or disposable cotton pads whenever I run out. Instead, I can have a seemingly endless supply with the help of two or three reusable makeup pads.

Are reusable cotton pads hygienic?

By nature, reusable cotton pads are hygienic as they do not contain the harmful toxins and chemicals their single-use counterparts have. Reusable pads should be given a quick courtesy wash in between uses and a deep clean via the washing machine for optimal hygiene and freshness.

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How long do reusable cotton rounds last?

If washed and cared for correctly, a reusable cotton round can last for 3-5 years, averaging around 600-1000 washes. A handful of reusable cotton rounds could replace thousands of single-use rounds – a thought-provoking reminder of how reducing waste starts with rethinking how we consume and use everyday products.

How can I store my clean and used pads?

Keep the used pads in a mesh laundry bag of your choice until you are at the end of your eco-friendly stash, and it’s time to wash them. It’s a good idea to store your clean pads in a pouch to minimize dust and moisture collection in the fabric.

Many reusable pads come with a soft travel pouch which is perfect for storing your clean reusable pads. What is the right way to store your clean pads and sponge? Want to learn? How to Store Makeup Sponge?

Which things are added to the reusable makeup pads Bundle?

1. Cotton mesh laundry bag 

2. Linen travel pouch 

3. 8 or 16 reusable makeup remover pads. 

You can use One pad up to 300 times. Each pad comprises two layers of incredibly soft, unbleached bamboo terry. (One side is thicker and provides a gentle exfoliating action, best used with a cream or oil-based product to remove the foundation. The other side is thinner and smoother, better for removing eye makeup).

Why use reusable cotton pads?

Single-use cotton pads take loads of water to produce and contain harmful toxins that are bad for my skin and the environment. As a “bonus,” most single-use cotton pads end up in landfills or, worse, the ocean. Their zero-waste alternatives, however, are toxin-free and reduce waste while helping me save my pennies for a rainy day.

Should I wash my reusable pads before using them for the first time?

How to wash makeup cushions and pads? Washing my pads before using them can be a good idea. Just like new sheets and towels, they will feel softer and absorb better on the face. The pads made from bamboo (rayon from bamboo) reach their maximum absorbency after about 3-4 washes. It’s outstanding if you can use them right out of the packet.

What is the best laundry bag for washing reusable makeup remover pads?

I wash my pads in a durable mesh laundry bag to prevent them from missing. And I protect them from hooks, zippers, and rough fabrics that can reduce the life of my reusable face rounds. 

I have tried different laundry bags and found that zippered type works the best compared to other bags. No drawstring can wrap around clothes or open during the wash.

How do you deep clean reusable makeup pads?

Hand washing can be a very effective way to clean my reusable makeup remover pads without risking damage from a machine. If you choose to wash my products by hand, you must use a clean container first.

How do you wash reusable makeup pads by hand?

The most easy way to wash reusable pads by hand is by using warm water and a bar of soap. By doing so, you can remove most of my makeup from the pads instantly and reduce the amount of wear in the fabric by not using the washing machine. To increase the longevity of my reusable pads, I should avoid using the dryer.

Are reusable cotton pads hygienic?

The clothes go through the wash, are dried, then are reused – sometimes for years. You can apply The same logic should be applied to reusable cotton rounds. As long as you wash the reusable rounds frequently and well, using soap, reusable cotton rounds are indeed sanitary and hygienic.

Are reusable cotton rounds hygienic?

As long as you wash the reusable rounds frequently and well, using soap, reusable cotton rounds are indeed sanitary and hygienic. Though, improperly taking care of your reusable cotton rounds could make them unsanitary, like anything that must be washed to be reused.

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What can I use instead of makeup wipes?

1. Micellar water. 

2. Cleansing. 

3. Gel cleanser. 

4. Soap and water. 

5. Cream cleanser. 

What’s the best way to clean reusable sanitary pads?

The best way to clean reusable sanitary pads is to Pre-soak in regular water for 30 minutes, followed by a hand or machine wash using soap or detergent. Clean thoroughly and then dry in direct sunlight/ open air as they act as natural disinfectants. If you’re using homemade pads, ensure that the fabric is nicely cleaned and hygienic.

What’s the best way to clean a carpet pad?

The best way to clean a carpet pad is to Use cold water, as hot water sets in stains. When you remove your used pad, please place it in the jar and fill it with cold water. If the pad is soiled, rinse it in the sink before putting it in the water.

Do you have to wash cloth pads before washing them?

If you have pure white cloth pads, you may see some staining. However, stains don’t mean that the fabric isn’t clean. Pads that have patterns or darker colors tend to hide stains naturally. If you’re concerned about staining, use a stain treatment on your pads before washing them.

How do you wash reusable makeup pads?

Most reusable pads can be put in your washing machine, inside a hand-wash garment bag, with the rest of your weekly load of laundry. You can also wash your reusable makeup pads in the sink with soap and water.

How do you get stains out of cotton pads?

You can attempt to remove stubborn stains after washing by first dampening a cloth pad, then rubbing a paste of bicarb soda and water on the stains. Then, rinsed it thoroughly and dried it in the sun.

What material is best for reusable makeup pads?

8 Best Fabric For Reusable Makeup Pads are:

1. Brushed cotton.

2. Jersey. 

3. Fine Corduroy. 

4. Fine Velvet. 

5. Cotton. 

6. Denim. 

7. Muslin. 

8. Linen.

What are the different ways to use reusable makeup remover pads?

Reusable makeup pads are primarily intended for removing makeup, but you can use them in other areas of your skincare routine. 

1. Cleansing of my Face

2. Applying Toner

3. Exfoliating

4. Removing a Face Mask

How to wash reusable cotton pads?

First, I place my pads in a mesh laundry bag and wash them in the washing machine with my light-colored clothes on a warm wash ( up to 40°C, 104°F) with a gentle detergent, then I leave the pads to dry naturally. I do not use fabric softener or bleach when washing my pads.

How do you clean makeup remover cloth?

The machine washes hot and dry with your towel load. It’s fabric-softener and dryer-sheet-safe. Soak in warm water. The warmer, the wetter, the better. You can also read about How to Clean a Makeup Spoolie?

Is it okay to use reusable cotton pads?

Reusable cotton pads are okay if you wash them a lot. “Reusable facial cotton rounds are a great way to help sustain the earth, but you must clean them properly.

Final Thoughts

After using a reusable makeup remover pad, you must clean it off the foundation, mascara, and another makeup residue. Most reusable pads can be put in a washing machine, inside a hand-wash garment bag, with the rest of my weekly load of laundry. You can wash my reusable makeup pads in the sink with soap and water. As always, it’s a brilliant idea to follow the washing instructions of the specific reusable option.