How to Clean a Makeup Spoolie? Encyclopedic Guide

Being a makeup junkie, I have Spoolie brushes individually and use them to comb my brows, separate my lashes and exfoliate my lips. As we all know, every makeup tool needs to be clean as they contain germs and bacteria from us and our surroundings. How to Clean a Makeup Spoolie?

Tidbit: A Spoolie is a tiny brush used to clean your lashes and apply mascara and brow gel.  

The word Spoolie seems anonymous to many people. But it performs a lot of jobs while doing makeup. You might not know the word “Spoolie,” but you must use it while making your eyebrows and applying mascara. Yes, the mascara wand or brush is called Spoolie.

Therefore, I am presenting you with a guide on cleaning makeup brushes. Moreover, I will discuss How many types of Spoolie are on the market Or How to clean them. To know all the answers, keep reading this.

How to Clean a Makeup Spoolie?

Here, I am going to illustrate the following steps on how to clean the makeup Spoolie.

  1. Rinse the Spoolie in luke or warm water. Warm water will soak the makeup leftover, making it easy to remove.
  2. Apply soap or makeup remover cleanser over it.
  3. Rub the soap or cleanser with your fingers (be gentle when doing it, as you might damage the brush)
  4. Rinse and repeat until the bristles are clean of residues and the water runs clear.

Cleaning Different Types of Spoolie

There are mainly two types of Spoolies in the market which are; 

  • Synthetic Spoolie
  • Natural Bristle Spoolie 

How to clean Synthetic Spoolie?

Before cleaning your Spoolie, identify what material it is made of. Most Spoolies are made of synthetic nylon, which is easy to clean.

  • For cleaning the Synthetic Spoolie, I get a paper towel and a makeup brush cleaning product to sanitize and remove the product buildup (You can use any makeup brush cleaner).
  • After this, I apply the formula directly onto the Spoolie before twisting it in the paper towel.
  • Then, I leave the Spoolie overnight to dry before using it again. It is simple and easy to get your Spoolie brush squeaky clean. Want to learn how to dry makeup brushes fast?
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How to clean Natural Bristle Spoolie?

If you use a Spoolie made of boar hair or natural bristles, the cleaning method differs from a synthetic nylon Spoolie.

  • For cleaning this Spoolie, I opt for a brush shampoo ( You can quickly grab them from the online and offline markets).
  • Ensure that it is free of alcohol to avoid damaging the material. 
  • I run my Spoolie underwater and place a small shampoo on my palm.
  • Then, I run my Spoolie back and forth over the palm of my hand (repeat this process unless your Spoolie gets clean).
  • Once the Spoolie is foamed, I place it under the water to clean out all the foam and dirt.
  • Afterward, I pat it with a towel and leave my Spoolie overnight to dry. You can also use the blow dry to clean makeup brushes.

How do you clean fuzz off a Spoolie?

When your Spoolie does get dirty, cleaning it could not be simpler. Follow the steps to clean out your fuzz off the Spoolie.

  • Take a small amount of shampoo and drop it onto the Spoolie brush.
  • Rub your fingers forth and back (carefully) over the brush in small circles until all the dirt and old makeup has started to lift.
  • Then, run it under the water to clean out all the shampoo foam and debris.
  • Finally, pat it on the towel, so it soaks all the water and places it out for a night to make it all dry.

How often should you replace your Spoolie?

How long does a makeup brush last? Will it be a makeup brush, sponge, or Spoolie? All these things must be cleaned and replaced. They contain bacteria and germs while used. You better clean it after every two weeks. But, if your makeup tools like Spoolie get damaged, the bristles start to fall off. Then, It is time to replace your Spoolie. 

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Note: The estimated time of replacing the Spoolie is once a month.

How do you clean Old mascara Spoolie?

Spoolie can get gross pretty fast. Whether you are just cleaning off excess clumps to use as a Spoolie or trying to get rid of bacterial buildup, read on for some tips on cleaning old mascara Spoolie. 

  • Wipe off all the excess mascara from the brush or wand
  • Disinfect the brush with some alcohol-based cleaner
  • Wash the natural bristles with some baby-shampoo
  • Soak it in hot water to remove stubborn clumps
  • Lay the wand flat to dry

Can I use an old mascara brush as a Spoolie?

As we all know, a mascara wand or brush is also called a Spoolie. I’ve always kept an old mascara bottle because I could use it for multiple purposes. Yes, I have collected many empty mascaras bottles, but they always come to use.

This old mascara wand will be used when I want to keep my eyebrows all natural and thick. I use it instead of Spoolie (you can use it as is or use it with an eyebrow gel). I brush my eyebrows with this wand and get those natural and fuller eyebrows. 

What can I use instead of a Spoolie?

It is normal to be out of Spoolies, but what can you use instead of Spoolie? Below, I am going to illustrate the most common tool that everyone has at their home. Should I disclose that tool? Ok, so it’s a Toothbrush. Yes, a toothbrush is used as a substitute for a Spoolie. 

Whenever I cannot find my Spoolie, I grab a toothbrush to tame my brows. It has bristles that brush away any stray and pesky hair. I also use a toothbrush to exfoliate my lips. I applied some petroleum jelly to my lips and rubbed a toothbrush over my lips in a circular motion. It is a quick way to get soft and chap-free lips.

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Final Thoughts

This guide will help you clean the makeup Spoolie and the right way to clean which Spoolie. Further, I elaborated on old mascara brushes that can be used as a Spoolie if appropriately disinfected. Spoolies have a short life span, so I thoroughly shared when you need to change or replace your Spoolie.